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Join BFI Through Creative Giving

"When we approach our problems on a universal, general systems basis and progressively eliminate the irrelevancies, somewhat as we peel petals from an artichoke, at each move we leave in full visibility the next most important layer of factors with which we must deal. We gradually uncover you and me in the heart of now."

—R. Buckminster Fuller


We at the Buckminster Fuller Institute are so grateful for the donations we have received thus far in 2015. We work hard every day to catalyze transformative solutions to global issues through the annual Fuller Challenge, our Catalyst Program and educational symposia, ensuring increased access to Bucky’s original, seminal work. Our abiding commitment to support the growing international network of comprehensive designers could not be sustained without the generous donations of people like you. 


There are many ways to help us deepen our impact. Not everyone has the wherewithal to support our work through a direct financial contribution. In the last few months, members of our community have donated their archives of Fuller-related material for use in our Brooklyn-based Study Center; shared with us their never-before-seen photographs of Fuller; and named BFI as a benefactor in the auction of renowned works of art


BFI invites you to think of charitable giving as an omni-directional opportunity. We depend upon your support to keep our vital work going. We hope you agree that now, as never before, the courageous example of Buckminster Fuller’s commitment to ensuring the world works for all of us is seen, heard and carried on by future generations. We invite you to get creative and make a contribution to BFI! 


Here are few ways we would welcome your support: Include BFI in your company’s matching donation program; become a corporate sponsor of our programs (no matter the size of your company – if your values are aligned with ours, we would welcome your participation!); consider BFI as part of your legacy giving plans; or donate computer equipment to our offices.


We welcome your ideas and hope you will reach out to us to discuss further how you can participate securing BFI’s future.


Please contact Sharifah Taqi, Director of Operations or Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Director at (718) 290 9280 or send us an email at [email protected] with ideas or questions.


Or make a financial contribution TODAY by clicking here: