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Re-repurposing Butler Silos

It was on a road trip through rural America in 1940, that the steel grain silos that dot the landscape caught the attention of Buckminster Fuller. With the world at war, Fuller was inspired by the relatively lightweight, mass-produced nature of these structures and envisioned an affordable housing option for both military and civilian uses. Thus was born the Dymaxion Dwelling Unit (DDU), produced in partnership with the Butler Manufacturing Company, which was a major producer of these silos.

While not DDUs themselves, you can now stay in one of the three converted Butler silos, such as those that provided the original inspiration for Fuller, at the Abbey Road Farm B&B in Carlton, Oregon.

According to Outside Magazine:

There are five rooms total (two on the ground floor and three second-story suites), each with modern decor, a private bathroom, and not one bit of grain (at least none that I could see when I visited this spring)… Other highlights on the property include various critter-filled pastures (pet a llama! feed a goat!), a beautiful English garden, and the ranch house, where the Stuarts will serve you farm-fresh eggs on the outdoor patio. Add it all up and you get the thinnest B&B this side of heaven.

Be sure to check it out! More at Abbey Road Farm and Outside Magazine