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Two New Domes in Europe

The past month has seen two new beautiful domes pop up in Europe: a Dymaxion-map inspired dome in Barcelona and the Grow Dome in Dublin.

Based on the Dymaxion map, architecture firm Margen-Lab has created a bioclimatic dome that uses prefabricated materials for efficiency and quickness.

Built for the Barcelona FAB10 Symposium, the dome was constructed with locally sourced, organic materials. With specially developed parametric design algorithms, the Fab Lab team referenced the shape of Fuller’s map projection in the design process. By modifying the original icosahedron shape and by using efficient materials, ventilation was maximized while minimizing solar gain in the interior of the structure.
As well as being a design feat, it provides a usable space for public gatherings and social functions.

The Grow Dome Project is Dublin’s first geodesic grow dome – an intensive all-year-round sustainable food growing tool, a community meeting and education area, an arts and music exhibition space and an iconic artwork in its own right – all at the same time. By updating greenhouse techniques to include larger grow areas, better water use and a static hydroponic system, the Grow Dome is more efficient and has higher yields than many other greenhouses. Along with people a technical advancement, it is providing a useful community space to Dublin for arts and performance. Taking a holistic approach to creating a mindset of sustainability within the city as a whole.

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