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Public Lab Launching Kickstarter Campaign

2013 Fuller Challenge Finalist and outstanding citizen science “enablers” Public Lab are launching a Kickstarter campaign for another stellar resource: their do-it-yourself Homebrew Oil Testing Kit.

Around the world, oil and gas contamination affects communities in similar ways, and most lack the basic tools to measure the presence of crude, heating, or motor oil, which contain carcinogenic PAHs. This tool puts the evaluation resources in the hands of the community to empower them with data and resources to speak up!

Their Kickstarter campaign has an initial goal of $25,000, and they are already 20% there, with 3 weeks left to go. Pledgers of $50 or more will receive their own Homebrew Oil Testing Kit if the campaign is successful, and pledgers of $100 can join their beta testing program, so make sure to you go by the campaign page and pitch in!