Social Impact

Working on an Economy at the Edge

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Juror L Hunter Lovins, Donna Morton, Robert Costanza, and Ida Kubiszewski detail the current state of the economy, what it will take to move towards an economy that really does work for 100% of humanity.

To wit:

This economy from the edge builds on the economic democracy work of the more than 100 organizational members of the New Economy Coalition, and on the work of the New Economics Foundation to achieve social, economic, and environmental justice. It is a joint effort to create a self-aware movement that builds on the hundreds of communities becoming 100% renewably powered, on Bhutan implementing organic agriculture throughout the country, and entrepreneurs teaching Kabul street orphans to make fuel briquettes from trash. William Gibson said that the future is already here; it is just not widely distributed. Our job is to find the best solutions and take them to scale.

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