RBF at the Storefront for Art + Architecture

BFI will be attending the release of a new book about Fuller, R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man, at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC on Tuesday, Feb 25 at 7pm. From the Storefront announcement:

“Storefront invites you to join us for Definitions Series: R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man. Inviting architects and critics to propose definitions of a specified term that has something to do (or not) with a publication, R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man will be a conversation about some of the key terms that constitute the body of Fuller’s World Man Lecture, and book. “Prime Design, Automation, Law of Conservation of Energy, Wealth, Universe, System, Total Challenge…” are amongst a few of the terms and definitions that are put forth providing an abstract but suggestive outline of Fuller’s “geometry of thinking.”

See you there!