Sustainability Leaders Network

Sustainability Leaders Network (SLN) is a multi-sector collaboration of professionals who draw on a core set of shared leadership practices — systems thinking, organizational learning, visioning and reflection — to build capacity and accelerate the spread and adoption of solutions for social, climate and environmental challenges. Our global Fellows Network of sustainability champions strategically address pressing environmental and social challenges locally, regionally and globally. Their expertise ranges from agriculture to social justice, from energy efficiency to oceans, from reforestation to carbon sequestration, from carbon offsets to climate solutions, and much more.

Our vision is a closely aligned global network of social and environmental leaders who work at their highest capacity to create a sustainable world for all. Our mission is to coach, inspire, train and support sustainability champions in an approach that integrates vision, systems thinking, reflection and climate solutions.

We enhance well-placed sustainability champions’ professional and personal capacity to increase their impact as leaders. We work with young, mid-career and senior leaders from all sectors, as well as with those who have yet to take on the sustainability cause but are searching for how to do so.

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Edie Farwell, Founder and Director SLN