Become a BFI Council Level Partner

BFI Council Partnership includes:

Includes all benefits from the Fullerene and Tensegrity levels, plus:

  • featured annual article in our newsletter about your organization’s work
  • Member benefits for 10 of your organization’s members
  • Support from organizational memberships at this level enables BFI to provide a free memberships to twenty people who are eager to join and unable to contribute financially

All Partnerships Include:

General Benefits

  • Your organization or company name and link on bottom of every web page at
  • Potential to be featured in our member of the month highlight in the BFI Trimtab newsletter
  • Annual planetary gut-check 1:1 call with BFI staff and board members.

Community & Events

  • Exclusive access to member events and early access to all BFI events.
  • Access to the member Clubhouse – a diverse, planetary online community with frequent virtual meet-ups
  • Profile picture geodesic overlay and Fuller-inspired zoom backgrounds to show you are proud to be a member

Exclusive and Free Content

  • Subscription to our members-only newsletter with access to rare Fuller content
  • Free tuition for 2 members of your team to Trimtab Space Camp, our online course where you collaborate on projects with the BFI community.
  • All content from previous Trimtab Space Camp sessions available for free
  • Free tuition to Expert Deep Dives, week-long courses on topics like Synergetics, World Building, and Futurism
  • Free access to member Book Club

BFI Swag

  • 15% discount on products in the Dymaxion Marketplace and advance notice of rare and collectible items
  • Exclusive member t-shirt after six months of membership
  • A dymaxion map of your choice after a year of membership