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Each contribution aids in the fulfillment of our mission; to educate, empower and ignite our human potential to restore the wholeness of natural systems, aligning with the unified field and with each other to create a Thriving World.

More specifically, donation proceeds are used for:

  • Education and training on how to collaborate for whole-systems solutions based on the field geometry and dynamics elucidated by R. Buckminster Fuller
  • Security and encrypted exchange of uncensored information among solutions groups globally
  • Encrypted video conferencing for effective collaboration
  • Website design, development, hosting and maintenance
  • Ongoing research and operational costs

In a time of global misinformation, ThriveOn provides guidance to discern between what’s really going on in the world and what the corporate-owned mainstream media tell us. We don’t stop there. Based upon a multi-disciplinary, trans-political understanding of reality, we go on to provide globally synchronized solutions to help course-correct humanity towards a Thriving World for all.

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