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Trimtab Space Camp Mesosphere Image - Astronaut on land
Trimtab Space Camp explores the following perennial questions that provoke ongoing life-long study. Each is inspired by an element of Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science (CADS).
  • COMPREHENSIVE: How big can we think? 
  • ANTICIPATORY: How many possible futures can we imagine? 
  • DESIGN: What can we learn from nature’s genius?
  • SCIENCE: How do we know what we know?

These learning objectives are inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s life and philosophy, summed up in his worldview, encapsulated by CADS.

The experience is centered around modules that each present a different framework to help you see the world and our future from a whole-systems vantage point. 

These new mental models and tools will help you see a Fuller picture of the world and our collective future. 

Coronation with Charles Eisenstein

“In my initial Covid essay, “The Coronation,” I described the pandemic as an initiation: an interruption in normality that would reveal what lurked hidden within and among us, that would face us with new choices and demand of us new capacities. A coronation, I said, is an initiation into sovereignty, where heretofore unconscious choices become conscious. Covid shone a light onto where we have been headed: an alienated, locked down, technologically mediated, ideologically polarized, authoritarian, medicalized world under ever-intensifying control. These trends did not all of a sudden start in 2020. Now that we have seen clearly our destination, it is no longer inevitable. We can choose another based on what we hold sacred.” Quoted from


About the Speaker: Charles Eisenstein Read the Essay: "Coronation" by Charles Eisenstein Watch the Video: Office Hours with Charles Eisenstein Resources: Charles Eisenstein Module

World Building with Tony Patrick

Tony Patrick takes us through the elements of world-building and how we can use world-building during this time. World-building is building a fictional or speculative world to catalyze imagination, for real-world modern-day impact.


About the Speaker: World Building with Tony Patrick Watch the Video: World Building with Tony Patrick Exercise: Tony Patrick Module Resources: Tony Patrick Module

Permaculture with Stephen Brooks

Trimtab Space Camp dives into the principles of Permaculture, Punta Mona, Alegria and Envision with Stephen Brooks, co-founder of Punta Mona, Alegria and Envision Festival.


About the Speaker: Permaculture with Stephen Brooks Watch the Video: Permaculture with Stephen Brooks Exercise: Stephen Brooks Module Resources: Stephen Brooks Module

Synergetics with Bonnie DeVarco

Invisible Visible with Bonnie DeVarco: Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetic Geometry, A historical view. Bonnie DeVarco former archivist of the Dymaxion Chronofile (45 tonnes of Fuller’s work) at the Stanford Green Library. Bonnie has been an integral part of Fuller’s since 1980. She has been with the Buckminster Fuller Institute since 1989. Bonnie takes through a comprehensive and tangible view of Synergetics.


About the Speaker: Synergetics with Bonnie DeVarco Watch the Video: Synergetics with Bonnie DeVarco Exercise: Bonnie DeVarco Module Resources: Bonnie DeVarco Module
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