Honorable Mention

Beyond Benign: The Green Chemistry Commitment
2013 Honorable Mention

John Warner and Amy Cannon have been working assiduously to transform how chemistry is taught and practiced through their non-profit, Beyond Benign, since 1999.

Public Laboratory for Open Science and Technology
2013 Honorable Mention

Inspired by the disinformation surrounding the 2010 BP oil disaster, Public Lab emerged to help Gulf communities undertake grassroots mapping efforts, using balloons and digital cameras to self-map over 100 miles of coastline.

Eco-Fuel Africa
2012 Honorable Mention

Imagine a world where Africans no longer have to cut down trees for fuel, where farmers have access to free organic fertilizers and where young girls no longer have to drop out of school! We’re making that world possible by making clean cooking energy and organic fertilizers from agricultural waste.

Water Retention Landscape of Tamera
2012 Honorable Mention

The Water Retention Landscape is a model for natural decentralized water management, restoration of damaged ecosystems and disaster prevention. It is a basis for reforestation, agriculture and aquaculture, especially in regions threatened by desertification.

Frontline SMS
2011 Honorable Mention

FrontlineSMS empowers frontline social organizations to leverage the power and reach of mobile technology to enable positive change. They provide organizations in remote, rural regions of the developing world with software that turns a laptop into a mass messaging hub, without any need for Internet connectivity.

TARA Akshar+
2011 Honorable Mention

In the four years since the development of TARA Akshar+ it has trained more than 57,000 women to read, write and make simple calculations across 7 of the most illiterate states in India. A remarkable feature of this program is its extraordinary pass rate: more than 95%.

2010 Honorable Mention

SUMMARY: We design and market pallet rack based housing kits which provide the urban poor and disaster relief organizations with inexpensive high density shelter & services. Our systems are extremely modular, can be erected and disassembled very quickly, and have a positive environmental impact on the land upon which they rest.

Cycle for Health
2009 Honorable Mention

Cycle for Health is a “pedal powered catalyst that, when placed into a failing rural East African transport system, mobilizes medical resources, personnel and patients.”

Mukuru Biocentres
2009 Honorable Mention

The Mukuru BioCentre concept is a biogas generating latrine block, managed by community groups, which can be located anywhere in a slum as it treats human waste in-situ without requiring sewerage infrastructure.