ARCHIVE 2007-2017

Here you will find a complete overview of the curated archive. The 350 projects selected represent the "best of" Fuller Challenge entries from 2007-2017. To search by category, continent, year, or status, hover over the "Challenge" menu at the top of this page, then over the "Archive 2007-2017" menu, and select your desired search tag.


Buckminster Fuller Challenge entries are distinguished by their comprehensive, whole-systems approach to design and implementation. Each year, the Fuller Challenge Review team divided hundreds of projects into categories in order to review them.


Over the years, the Buckminster Fuller Challenge program increasingly drew submissions from around the globe. By 2014, over 120 countries were represented in the BFC entry pool. By 2015, the majority of entries (over 51%) hailed from outside of the United States and Canada.


In this section you may search for projects by their highest selection status in the BFC program. Below you will find an explanation of the selection statuses.


The Buckminster Fuller Challenge program launched its first Call for Proposals in 2007 and awarded its first winner in 2008. The 10th and last prize was awarded in November 2017.