Reef Life Restoration Foundation

SUMMARY: Reef Life nanotechnologies assist bonding of oceanic creatures, coral polyps, plants, medicines & minerals to our diverse substrates, bringing site & species specific fast growth characteristics. Infrastructure-scale reef complexes engineered for entire coastal regions & aquaculture, mariculture fish habitats.

PROBLEM SPACE: What if the current ocean death spiral could rebound in order to feed & employ the billions of people who depend upon it? Coral reefs, marine plants and the fish they support are dying at an alarming rate. Scientists estimate that in 20 years these susceptible species will disappear, accelerating todayäó»s global crisis into an unimaginable scenario in which shortages of food, medicine, jobs and clean oxygen continue to increase, lowering monetary growth, protein sources, income and community stability.

SOLUTION: “Reef Life’s biocompatible coral cell surface textures and mineral formulations mimic the complex structure and composition of natural coral reefs. These innovations have been developed over the past 12 years using our nano-materials research, bringing new reef solutions to this critical global problem. We provide engineered architectural substrates not offered in the field of coral reef restoration today, including toxic waste absorption fences, wave break walls, and pH balance within eco sustainable coral, fish and diverse marine plant habitats.
Reef Forests and Farms are cast per piece to cover acres, or to create small coral communities, customized for particular site or substance growth. Our environmental science is Extremely Adaptable, i.e., if a client wishes to grow algae species for medicines, certain nano scale particles are embedded within the growth substrate or surface, Enhancing Revenue Capacities for that client. Sculptural Underwater Art Gallery Dive Reefs in design today for resorts and island owners. ( we have been asked to design a Roman Ruins with mermaids dive sculpture for BVI Foundation and presented initially at the Extreme Tech Challenge, Necker island with Richard Branson.) Other islands and dive communities have asked for artistic reef modules to bring tourism to their locations.

UPDATE (2018): We are launching an incredible collaboration with Sea Legacy, on one of our elements, the coral habitat mooring stations– and nano reef substrate mixture for coral growth

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