Monda Technologia

SUMMARY: Our mission is to find essential solutions through sustainable design. We take paper or agricultural waste and we turn it into biodegradable plastic. Then we take that plastic and make things with it (we’re currently addressing the packaging industry).

PROBLEM SPACE: “Waste, pollution, habitat depletion, oil extraction and recovery, landfill overflow: all problems that can be solved by a shift in our perspective. Up to one third of the solid municipal waste comes from packaging, and most of the plastic of that packaging ends up in our oceans.
We created Monda to show people that we can use waste as a raw material and that we can accomplish everything through sustainable design.
We tend to paper and agricultural waste recycling, and we only use renewable elements to make our plastics and materials. These plastics are 100% biodegradable, and we are now using them to make smart and sustainable packaging.
Coming from latinamerica, we believe that a lot can change if we produce our own technology. We want to raise awareness on environmental and social issues, and encourage others to build and use clean technologies while looking for the solutions to the problems that deeply affect our countries.”

SOLUTION: “We designed a biodegradable material that mimics both paper and plastic properties, and we did it by using the Monda Approach: take away everything that is not absolutely necessary. We ended up with a bioplastic made out of organic waste and completely renewable elements. To have a real, important environmental impact, we had to develop the process and the technology to use the bioplastic in the most efficient way.
That’s when we decided to build a company that not only revolves around biodegradable materials: we wanted to create final and sustainable products.
We started by approaching one of the most wasteful industries in the world: packaging. We now have two products that follow our smart and sustainable packaging philosophy.
One of the raw materials that we use is paper waste, so we created a communication campaign to gather this material in schools and office buildings in the city. We want people to be aware of the impacts of their everyday decisions, and to incite them to make little adjustments that can lead to significant changes.”

CONTACT: [email protected]