Mishkaah Project

ORGANIZATION NAME: Mimaria Architecture Consultants

LOCATION: Saudi Arabia

SUMMARY: “One Village at a Time

Transform worldview by providing an Islamically-inspired Manual for Integration and Tolerance based on the Charter of Medina and the world’s first Community Development Center.

In parallel, implement the Manual as a replicable Community Driven Initiative using the Policies and Procedures for Capacity Building,Sustainability, and Collaboration.”

As Muslims, we need to address the turbulent theological discourse taking place in our Global Village.The need to illuminate and revitalize the Traditional Islamic Concept of Adaptive Community Inclusion, Development, and Protection that is beneficial to Muslims and non-Muslims in the Global arena has become urgent and imperative.

The need to provide modern, coherent, easily accessible and readily available Policies and Procedures (PP) based
on the Medina Charter (World’s First Constitution) and the first Islamic Community Economic Development Centre (ICEDC) providing a direction and a method for community interaction and establishing community centers, based on the Islamic Primary Principle: the Unity of Man (Ummah Wahidah) while maintaining the Second Principles:

The need to balance and develop: Spirit, Mind, Body.(similar to Maslow’s pyramid)
The need to account for Man, Time, Place (sociocultural, economical, environmental context)

An ICEDC model addressing the needs of a Community holistically, providing: Knowledge/Learning as its Foundations and Unity as its Core.

Needs addressed via the flexible multi-functional complex:
Continuous Community Mapping/Evaluation
Safety, Inclusion, Resilience, Sustainability, Tolerance
Knowledge Dissemination / Skills Development
Spiritual Expression, Respect, Understanding
Capacity Building
Women Empowerment
Health / Well-being
Social Expression / Discourse
Cultural Expression
Administrative / Financial”

Documentation of the Spirit of the Medina Charter and ICEDC as a modern, practical PP provides an Islamically inspired model for community development: integration, tolerance, and freedom of expression; for Community members globally, projects initiated by Muslims, and for those providing projects for Communities, fostering cross-cultural understanding and cohesion.

Muslims adhere to traditional practice of Islamic Law: the Sunnah system, i.e. practicing Prophet Mohammed’s model of life, based on transmitted records of his leadership, sayings, acts, and permissions.

The Principles laid out in the Medina Charter and the Medina ICEDC will be carefully documented in modern PP format and sent to heads of strategically selected Islamic Institutions: Council of Senior Scholars (Saudi), Grand Imam of AlAzhar (Egypt), Supreme Leadership Authority (Iran), American Muslim Community Development Institute, Hamza Yousef (Zaytuna College), Islamic Development Bank.

The Goal: to achieve Muslim consensus on a working document with clear “”Ground rules”” as foundations for Community interaction and integration Globally.

The Mishkaah project will proceed with the Policies and Procedures documented as a Live Test Prototype.
The Community initiative will serve as a catalyst for change via transformation of targeted specific parts to effect the whole.”” within the community and globally.”

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