SUMMARY: Joro is a high resolution real-time emission tracking tool strategically designed to reduce energy consumption, and break down the barriers that inhibit individuals, corporations, and governments from engaging in ecologically sustainable behavior. Our mission: move energy consumption and embodied carbon to the forefront of the individual decision making process.

PROBLEM SPACE: As energy consumers, we lack a fundamental understanding of our energy consumption – how much we use, where it comes from, and what happens after we use it. This is a limitation that directly impacts our ability to manage our consumption, and mitigate the issues that consumption causes. Many people are unaware of the embodied carbon in everyday goods and services, and as such, the degree to which their everyday choices impact the environment. Everything from clothing purchased at the mall, to water used to get ready in the morning; from the car we drive to work, to the food we eat. Each decision we make contributes to increasing global carbon emissions, and thus to our warming climate. However, despite the consequences of unsustainable consumption and the risks associated with climate change, carbon content is often far from the top of the list of priorities when making everyday decisions. Just as when consuming food, an understanding of caloric content is critical in understanding an individualäó»s physical health, we must also be able to understand the carbon content of our energy consumption in order to assess the impact of our daily actions, and make decisions to improve our ecological health.

SOLUTION: Joro seeks to help individuals ecologically optimize their everyday energy decisions by introducing a highly granular, real-time emission tracking tool. By understanding how everyday decisions increase our environmental impact, individuals can take steps to reduce their overall energy consumption and develop stronger ecological awareness. To track emissions, we utilize a portfolio of smart technologies and data platforms such as GPS and accelerometer data from smartphones, integrated home energy monitoring systems, energy utility data, and links with existing software for monitoring digital expenditures. Using intelligent learning algorithms developed at MIT, CO2 emission patterns are continually and effortlessly logged by recording the key metrics associated with each of the three main emission categories: residential, transportation, and goods and services. In doing so, our solution takes the form of a holistic ecological footprint data monitoring app, that uses state-of-the-art sensing technology to provide an integrated, minimal-input-required user experience. Joro is a lifestyle tool that is designed to enable individuals to make more energy-conscious decisions. By monitoring emissions, providing incentives for improvement, fostering mindfulness, and creating a social platform for positive goal-oriented competition, Joro is strategically designed to revolutionize how individuals, corporations, and governments engage in ecologically sustainable behaviors from the bottom-up.

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