SUV 900


LOCATION: Maharashtra, India

SUMMARY: The SUV 900 (Solar Utility Van with a 900 watt solar array) aims to address the 3 major challenges in any rural and or remote location, namely – Electricity, Water and Shelter. A socially and environmentally responsible innovation, designed for positive social impact.

PROBLEM SPACE: “Centralised supply of water and electricity is expensive and inefficient. Water from big dams , electricity from thermal and nuclear powerplants do not reach the poorest communities because cities and industries who pay taxes get priority. Canals and overhead electricity wires need a lot of maintenance . Losses due to seepage, evaporation and transmission losses in wires, plus pilferage are major causes for concern. Many such big ticket projects are often mired in corruption , and the poor communities remain distressed.
This has been the situation in Maharashtra, and other states in India. 300,000 farmer suicides have not woken up the government to address the tragedy. They seem to be unable to find a solution to the unending crisis.”

SOLUTION: “Our solution is called The SUV 900 (solar utility van with a 900 watt solar array). This innovation is a trailer caravan which can be easily deployed by road to remote locations. The SUV 900 has the following capabilities:
900 watt solar array on the roof, charges a battery bank of 24v – 300 AH which has a back up of upto 8 hours. This battery bank can in turn support any number of devices that need an electrical source to function – from mobile charging points to computers.
Built in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration Unit – which purifies 50 liters of water per hour – which is dispensed out of an outlet in the back of The SUV 900 . A traditional RO unit wastes nearly 50% of water in the purification process – this water is saved in The SUV 900 and stored in a separate tank which is dispensed out of a separate outlet for domestic use.
To power the RO Filtration Unit – there is a built in 1 HP pump which can lift @ 10000 litres of water per hour – this water is stored in the 3 inbuilt water tanks with a total capacity of 2000 litres – ready for filtration when needed.
Internal cabin provides comfortable seating space for 6 or sleeping space for 4.”