South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribal (ASHRAY)

ORGANIZATION NAME: South Vihar Tribal Welfare Society

LOCATION: Jharkand State, India

SUMMARY: The trafficking of adolescent girls, women, and children, along with child labor, illicit prostitution, the underground trade in human organs, etc., are immense global problems that victimize the most vulnerable and historically disenfranchised populations while enriching criminal cartels. ASHRAY is an exemplary organization that seeks to address the roots of the problem among one of the world’s poorest and most oppressed groups: tribal people in India. ASHRAY, a totally grassroots effort led by local women, works with tribal communities in Jharkand State to bolster education, skills training, agricultural production and food security, economic opportunities, and women’s empowerment, all to counteract the poverty and social instability that make trafficking possible in the first place. In the last 6 years, they have sensitized over 500,000 people on the issue of human trafficking, mobilized 350+ women-led self-help groups, identified over 2,500 trafficking victims, and rescued and rehabilitated more than 50 adolescent girls. ASHRAY is a shining example of a community organizing itself to comprehensively address the root causes of critical social challenges, and it serves as an inspiring model for the rest of India and globally.

PROBLEM SPACE: “In India, Jharkhand is one of the richest states for natural resource and human resource in spite of that human trafficking is the biggest challenges. The problems are extreme poverty, hunger, unemployment, unsafe migration, water, climate change, illiteracy, food insecurity, poor health & malnutrition, unhygienic condition, domestic violence, gender inequality, women empowerment, Human Rights, tribal identity and lack of access to information and convergence with various departments for problems solving, the most sensitive issue human trafficking emerged.
Human trafficking in adolescent girls, children and women is worst abuses of human rights. Presently, itäó»s a burning issue at locally to globally interlinked for various purposes domestic worker, slavery, child labour, bonded labour, child marriage, prostitution, organ trade, surrogacy etc.
Therefore, sensitization with community mobilization, skill enhancement, networking and collaboration with various stakeholders to promote convergence model required urgently for poverty alleviation, employment, food security, health nutrition status improved to bring human dignity and selfäósustained empowered community. The strategy of Convey Collaboration Convergence shall be adopted through collective collaboration to promote Convergence Model to ensure equal opportunities to all to live a dignified life. The best practices adopted to encourage innovation, scalability, cost effective, gender equality with high social impact for sustainability.”

SOLUTION: “The sensitization, community Mobilization, skill enhancement, networking and collaboration with various stakeholders to promote convergence model for combat human trafficking, poverty alleviation, food security, to improve health and nutrition status to bring human dignity and selfäósustained empowered community for high social impact with sustainability.
With focus on adolescent girls, women and children we aim for Human Resources development through education and Skill enhancement of 34500 beneficiaries within three years to live a dignified life. Their skills enhanced with decision making abilities to create employment opportunities within locality for socio äóñ economic, cultural, educational empowerment, poverty alleviation, gender equality and holistic development.”

CONTACT: [email protected]