Rising Canes Bamboo City


LOCATION: Beijing, China

SUMMARY: Architecture and the construction process are a major contribution to our global environmental pollution. Our initiative promotes an ecological alternative of growing our cities. All elements are locally harvested and produced in one local ecosystem, with the least amount of impact on the environment or on the materials itself.

PROBLEM SPACE: “Located in China, pollution of our air, water and food is a daily side-effect of a fast developing region, which sickens its population. 2015, more than 2.3 million people have died from cancer and the number is rising. The construction business and the production of its materials is a major cause for the environmental pollution. With the estimation of 9 billion people inhabiting our planet by 2050, we have the responsibility as architects to think about new ways of constructing our built environment in order to pass on a healthier planet to future generations.

We believe that in present times a sustainable way of construction is more valuable than ever and the market for an ecological development in China is huge. Citizens are fed up by the side-effect of irresponsible city planning and fast-pace urbanism. We hope, that our approach of an architecture for a community who shares a common believe of an ecological way of construction and a natural way of living, can have an impact on a larger part of our society. With this patient and natural expansion, the project promotes a true ecological way of urban growth. From emergency shelters to a sustainable ecosystem.”

SOLUTION: “Growing Architecture:
Starting back in Summer 2014, our team has developed a joint for bamboo construction, which is strong, flexible and easy to tighten by ropes. This joint is the base for a modular bamboo structure that has the ability to expand in every direction and can construct architecture of all scales: from small, temporary shelters to large urban structures.

Growing Architecture is an adequate phrase for our initiative. Located within the largest Bamboo reserve of the world Anji County, we use a local Bamboo grove to plant, grow and harvest all of our building material by ourselves. Bamboo is the fastest growing construction resource on our planet and we use the grass for all major parts of our development: structure, ropes, interior flooring, etc. For every cane used for the building, we seed 2 new culms to the grove. That ensures a steady, self-sufficient material supply and creates a beautiful bamboo forest surrounding the development.
Besides residential areas, the program will include public areas like restaurants, viewing platforms, a hotel and shared, communal office-areas to secure an economic self-sufficiency.

One of the main advantages of the system is that it becomes more stable as more joints are added. This means multi-level structures could be easily created and the system can grow vertically towards the tree-tops.
With a flexible structural structure, we have the opportunity to create a variety of buildings of different sizes. Depending on the needs, the size and distribution can grow from single family houses to a connected, larger development. All depending on the needs and the demands, but each structure will connect in a very responsible dialog to our natural environment.”

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