Breathe Installations

ORGANIZATION NAME: Breathe Earth Collective


SUMMARY: breathe.airship aims to create breathing spaces in cities that are affected by air pollution all over the world. The project is a prototype to link technology with natural environments and create awareness on the importance of clean air and healthy environments.

PROBLEM SPACE: “Air is a common to any living creature on earth. It is nourishment, energy, medium and carrier at the same time. Air and its ecosystemic relations are considerably changing all over the world -air pollution, global warming, extreme weather events are just some examples.

Each year 5.5 million people die in consequence of air pollution worldwide. Most affected are urban and industrial regions. The cities with most air pollution are in India and China.
breathe.airships are supposed to offer the experience of naturally produced fresh air to those regions, as well as creating awareness of those natural relations.”

SOLUTION: The breathe.airship project is a prototype for creating a fresh and oxygen rich micro climate in cities, that can be sensually experienced. In 2016 a breathe.airship will be implemented in 3 Italian cities (Milan, Padoa, Rome), for a few weeks each. As an natural oasis in the city it creates a cool and fresh micro climate, by being open to the sky. Plants are generating measurable oxygen, absorb CO2 and people get in dialogue with the inner climate performance. Open to the environment this prototype is referring to bigger solutions in macro scales and biosphere. In 2017-18 the airship installation is planned to bring to different cities worldwide.