Clean Energy Moonshot

ORGANIZATION NAME: World Business Academy

LOCATION: Santa Barbara, California, USA

SUMMARY: Clean Energy Moonshot is a new system for renewable energy production, management, and distribution that disrupts centralized monopolies by empowering communities to create their own energy. It addresses the need for a rapidly scalable implementation of renewable energy – a critical but currently unavailable component of the fight against climate catastrophe.

PROBLEM SPACE: “Humanity must transition off of fossil fuels as soon as possible. To accomplish this, we must create a new system for the creation of energy to power our lives. In order to transition rapidly, this new system must be scalable, efficient, and flexibleŠ—”in other words, it should be a disruptive force that can out-compete the existing model.

The technology to replace the fossil fuel economy with 100-percent renewable energy exists today. The missing link is a system that is reliable, resilient, financeable, and empowering for communities.

1. Reliability: The new system must meet the modern need for energy (electricity as well as transportation and heating fuels).
2. Resilience: The new system must withstand unprecedented storms, fires, flooding, and winds resulting from worsening environmental factors.
3. Financing: The new system will require unprecedented investment. In order to rapidly scale, the new system must include attractive investment opportunities.
4. Community Empowerment: As a top priority, the new system must benefit local communities. It must make regional economies stronger, air cleaner, and neighborhoods safer. It must go further, inspiring and incentivizing individuals to reduce their personal impact and to take responsibility for building a regenerative civilization.”

SOLUTION: “What? A localized but highly scalable system for the production, distribution, and storage of 100-percent renewable electricity provides all the power needed in a given region.

Where? The launchpad begins in southern Santa Barbara County, California – a community at risk of catastrophic blackouts because of crumbling electricity transmission infrastructure. Santa Barbara is forward thinking, environmentally aware, and possesses influence to initiate and build a new system.

How? A regional public education campaign leverages the highly educated and motivated population; developing the political will for replacing the crumbling, dirty energy system with a robust and modern renewable energy system.

A Community Microgrid electricity system is designed and built, linking solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells, and other proven distributed energy generation systems together using existing wires with some upgrades.

Local energy management and advanced software systems allow innovation in the pricing of energy. Local markets and incentives drive the mass deployment of local renewable energy systems.

Energy created and managed where utilized provides maximum efficiency. Excess renewable energy charges electric cars and is stored as hydrogen for later use in fuel cells and vehicles.

Demonstrated success spreads the meme, California’s energy system becomes an interconnected network of Community Microgrids.”

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