TBS River Regeneration

SUMMARY: TBS River Regeneration works to restore river systems and local rural economies in India by drawing from ancient water wisdom, empowering local communities to build small traditional rainwater harvesting structures (johads) as well as by developing local and national awareness and education programs.

PROBLEM SPACE: No being can live without water. A thirsty being will flee miles to quench its thirst or die in the process.

Arguably, the most critical global resource challenge that is facing the globe is the shrinking pool of available fresh water. The desertification of landscapes and pollution of fresh water sources displace large numbers of people and animals, creating pressure on the areas they flee to. Growing demands for water for drinking, household needs, agriculture and for waste management when unsatisfied, lead to the breakdown of community and result in conflict between neighbours.

Our solution harnesses the traditional wisdom of communities to design and build small rain-water harvesting interventions at strategic places, facilitating the recharge of groundwater supplies and subsequently of river systems. This in turn rebuilds ecosystems along the river course and strengthens the resilience of communities.

These interventions in India, (Image 3), restore a feature of ‘natural design’ which our ancestors had identified and maintained over thousands of years, to secure their water supplies. In the pursuit of hi-tech solutions to eliminate droughts in the 20th century this ancient wisdom had been forgotten the world over.

SOLUTION: TBS mobilises the traditional wisdom of decentralised communities in arid areas to address local water shortages. As rivers systems are restored, their degraded ecosystems (human, natural, social, ecological, economic, political) revive. Long term, economic and food security becomes secured through the engagement and empowerment of all community members.

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