The Copenhagen Wheel

SUMMARY: A new strategy for sustainable mobility, The Copenhagen Wheel project aims to turn any city into a cycling-city. Our holistic solution is a new type of electric bike, and associated mobile applications – helps riders overcome topography and distance, fosters a cycling community, and supports long-term transportation and environmental policy decisions.

PROBLEM SPACE: Our mission is to develop new vehicles for personal transportation that offer compelling alternatives to the car. The original prototype for the Copenhagen Wheel was invented at MIT’s Senseable City Lab in partnership with the city of Copenhagen, one of the most innovative cities for biking.

SOLUTION: Cycling with the Copenhagen Wheel is the most magical ride you’ll ever take. It’s like riding a regular bike, but with super strength. The Wheel makes your bike an electric bicycle that synchronizes with your movements and amplifies your pedal power 10X. You go farther in less time, with less effort, and can get to places where you’d usually need a car.

All the ebike technology lives inside the brilliant red hub and connects to your smartphone. There are no buttons, wires, or external batteries. Just replace your back wheel and pedal! The Wheel’s custom sensors, computers, battery and motor do the rest.

CONTACT: [email protected]