SUMMARY: The QuaDror Universal Joint is a new space truss geometry, lending itself to a wide scope of applications. This innovation presents great structural efficiency and tremendous potential for a didactic solution to the global issue of habitat. QuaDror Homes provide integrated design, preserving the organic diversity of cultures and ecosystems.

PROBLEM SPACE: One billion people, or one third of the urban population, still don’t have access to proper habitat (source: UN Habitat). We intend to share and spread a groundbreaking solution that provides maximum impact using minimum energy. The building system of QuaDror shows environmental and economical performance while encouraging social empowerment.

SOLUTION: QuaDror is a result of physical experimentation with forms. Initially inspired by the aesthetic and flexibility of this geometry, we soon realized the structural integrity of the interlocking beams. A flow of ideas for design applications then came to mind. Inspired by the tremendous power of design to improve living conditions, we investigated fundamental principles within a set of parameters. Boosted by a team of experts, we conducted rigorous analysis and research, from an inter-disciplinary approach. We discovered the overwhelming strength of the geometry. It results in 30% less material when constructing I-Beam metal frames for different scaled projects, and 40-80% less material when using concrete for highway retaining walls. The engineering of the QuaDror Universal Joint combined with a simplistic physical force allows the whole-system to show unseen load-bearing capacity, great energy performance and minimum deployed volume. Specific and generic at the same time, QuaDror is a unique structural joint that can adapt to many conditions and configurations.

Our development strategy is driven by the tremendous opportunity to address the global and fundamental issue of habitat for our contemporaries and children. This invention connects us to our work, giving us the wonderful opportunity to look at our lives in terms of our legacies rather than our activities.

The geometric system of a QuaDror Home is based on four identical L-shaped pieces of various embodied elements assembled with the help of the QuaDror joints. The L-shaped pieces can be delivered with the joints or made of material available in the local environment. Both options allow for integrating a cultural and ecological context in the final design of the building. We are enthused to estimate that 1750 QuaDror kits – i.e. 1750 homes – can be shipped in one 40-foot container only. The studio is now working on manufacturing the QuaDror Home prototypes.

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