The Acceleration Of Innovation The Full Belly Project (FBP)

SUMMARY: The Full Belly Project’s “Acceleration of Innovation Program” is unique in its approach. It effects change and addresses some of the problems of developing countries through its emphasis on local manufacturing and entrepreneurship. The Full Belly Project teaches “fishing” instead of providing “fish.” FBP works in tandem with the Peace Corps, USAID, and the United Nations efforts.

FBP has an established licensed manufacturer and distribution center for the locally produced UNS. As of September 2009, 100 shellers have been manufactured and 24 have been sold. FBP has a patent pending on a water pump with global applications for small scale/organic farms. The ‘Rocking Water Pump’ will allow farmers to irrigate in the dry season, thus improving the health of the people and the local economy. During 2009 and 2010, FBP will develop a plan throughout Malawi to franchise the manufacture of the UNS and the “Rocking Water Pump.”

The Acceleration of Innovation Program does not provide food to feed the hungry. This program provides an efficient system that develops the tools necessary for a family to earn sufficient income to feed themselves. The ultimate goal is self-sufficiency.

PROBLEM SPACE: Without simple technologies to increase income and efficiency farmers will remain in a poverty trap. By using the internet to communicate design concepts to entrepreneurs in Malawi, the Acceleration of Innovation plan will efficiently disseminate solutions designed to increase income for farmers.

SOLUTION: The Acceleration of Innovation Program maximizes The Full Belly Project website to provide a global workshop. Innovative solutions will be created by global volunteers and shared with a network of entrepreneurs in developing countries. Farmers will play a major role in solving their own problems. With the assistance of Total Land Care Malawi (TLC), FBP is performing a needs-based survey to collect data that will drive future research and development. Once complete, FBP will be armed with a list of priorities based on farmers needs. FBP will then post “design challenges” to volunteers who then design simple solutions via the interactive FBP intra-net site. FBP will seek patents for developed products that are marketable in the US and in developing countries.

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