SUMMARY: We design and market pallet rack based housing kits which provide the urban poor and disaster relief organizations with inexpensive high density shelter & services. Our systems are extremely modular, can be erected and disassembled very quickly, and have a positive environmental impact on the land upon which they rest.

PROBLEM SPACE: Rapid urbanization has outpaced many cities’ ability to adequately accommodate the housing needs of immigrant populations. As a result a large and increasing number of people live in unhealthy conditions on disputed or government land where services are unavailable and political insecurity makes it impractical to invest in their homes.

SOLUTION: Taking advantage of current best practices for sustainable infrastructure we design high density, multi story, pallet rack systems and components relevant to the local conditions in which we operate. Where possible we find local vendors and use locally available materials for our components. We also train local handymen in the construction and maintenance of these systems.

Currently we have built one 3000 square foot structure on an empty lot in Bangalore. We used recycled vinyl billboards from asia to water proof the walls and roof and to create water proof furniture. We developed a rope based system which make it easy to quickly roll up or let down the walls depending on the weather. We are experimenting with wire mesh, plywood and rubber for our floors. In the coming months we will install a solar system, develop a composting toilet, design and fabricate planting boxes which can attach to the pallet racks and set up an electronics lab for designing LED lighting fixtures.

With Urbanology, we are finalizing plans for another project in Dharavi, Mumbai. This will serve as a “”social club”” for elderly residents and street children and will be operated by a trust and run by the residents themselves.

CONTACT PERSON: [email protected]