Earthians' Critical Moment

The following transcripts were taken from a dialogue while playing World Game (Integrity Day, June 1983).

RBF: We find that the average--there are a number of different size atomic bombs. The total devastation at varies, but they average on this map here 5/16 of an the inch total devastation. There are now 50,000 bombs waiting to go. We find that the little, in the game of bingo, the little pink lozenge--transparent lozenge chips--and they are just 5/16th of an inch, or the size of the average devastation of the atomic bombs. There are 50,000 ready to go.

So we're going to put the 50,000 here. We're not putting them on the water. We're only putting them in the dry land where the people can be. This is one of them.

You've got a crew? Five or six people?

Participant: We're all ready.
RBF: All right, lets go.

Participant: So you've got 50,000 of these things?
RBF: Yeah. Only on the dry land. Only on the dry land. Don't put them on the North Pole. We need more over here. If they are expertly spread out, you'll find we get really complete coverage of all humanity. In other words, the capability to kill all humanity in half an hour, because really when the bombs start off, the automated responses are just going to mean all of them going off. The idea about limited atomic warfare is absolute junk, a complete lie to humanity. These are all doubled up pretty much. At any rate, you get a good feeling now of the utter devastation. If we hadn't had all the people standing up there now, you'd see what you've got. You have a way of brushing these up, Jaime? You've got brushes ready? Will you remove them now?

Participant: Somebody said its easier to drop them than to pick them up.
RBF: You bet. Here's our world absolutely--it's gone, and that's why I'm talking to you today about integrity. I think if the individual humans as an invention are incapable of demonstrating integrity, then the invention human is going to turn out to be an unreliable invention, and the Universe will not need it anymore. So, if this happens, it's simply because we've failed as individuals in being able to pass the examination, which we are all entering into now. We're already in it. The crisis is already on us. You see how really terribly thick they are here.

As of 1970, keeping track of all the environment controlling, all the logistics of thinking about total planet--for Spaceship Earth, in 1970, we passed a threshold where it could be demonstrated, engineering-wise, that if we took all the metals going into armaments and put them into what you call livingry, instead of killingry, that within a design revolution of only ten years we could have all humanity living at a higher standard of living than anybody had ever known, on a completely sustainable basis, while phasing out forever all further use of fossil fuels and atomic energy. We could live entirely on our energy income. Now this is absolutely clear in 1970, we passed that threshold. For the first time in history, I knew it Obsolete did not have to be you or me! That war was obsolete!

But how--because of the invisibility of all these things I'm telling you--how difficult it is for me to get you to understand just tensegrity structures. How quickly can I get humanity all the information necessary in this invisible reality, with all the specialization, where no specialist is standing up there in the university saying, "The man's right. Fuller's right." They're all so specialized - they don't deal with things comprehensively the way I do.

At any rate, you understand my sense of responsibility when you trust me with your time. I do know, now, the time has come, it is now there, and it's up to you, it's a matter of integrity, to really check up on what I'm saying, to really find out, yes, it is true, and how do you get word to humanity quickly enough so those who are making decisions in great political systems, which are very emotional, before they do then say, "It has to be you or me, and who's going to push that bomb?"

We have very little time before we blow ourselves off the Earth to really discover that invisible integrity of Universe, that we do have a new phase of potential existence operating. It has nothing to do with anybody earning a living ever again. It's a matter of how do each one of us, really. . . . Each human being has a drive to demonstrate competence. How do we then let humanity really gratify itself, not equating work with earning a living? Because everybody has a living, you're not worried about that at all. Where its a question, "How could I be allowed to be in the production team?" and so forth. "How can I be part of the creation?" So I see that as a great new phase that will come in if we don't blow ourselves up.

So I feel your personal responsibility is why I felt we must get to Integrity Days. Because we must really examine what you can do individually, as a human being, if you really understand something--you do have the cogency now to really understand what I'm saying. It does not have to be you or me, for the first time in history! It's not something about people being wrong before. This is an evolutionary stage!

Many, many times in history when clearly there was nowhere nearly enough to go around, all kinds of circumstances in which that could occur, and if there was also, many times when that occurred there were a great many people who were dying or would like to get out of the game, and I said, under those circumstances I can see how it was really integrity for the head of a healthy family to look out for his family, to be -in other words, you could really find--selfishness could be rationalized under conditions where there was nowhere nearly enough to go around and you were looking out for your family. You say God gave you that responsibility and you think your family are really worthy to be survivors.

I also said that when we get to the point where we now know on our planet--which I have been trying to make very clear--there is now enough to go around, for everybody to live at the highest standard of living we've ever had. Therefore, from now on, selfishness is no longer integrity!

Looking at it as the spaceship that it is, there's just one spaceship here. It's the only one we're going to get. What are the total known resources, and what is the total knowledge, and how do we use those total resources and knowledge for everybody on board this ship? Absolutely give no attention whatsoever to nations ever again. It must be really how to make it work for everybody. That's what I'm talking about. We're now talking about making it work for everybody.

Where there is really adequate food, at the present time--for instance, in relation to food, every day of the year, year around, if you think about a stadium of 75,000 people, it's really quite a large crowd, isn't it? Every day 75,000 people die of starvation despite the fact that we have plenty of food for everyone. Our distribution systems, our nations, all the different kind of separateness--it blocks the whole thing. Just think of it--simply because we're badly organized, we're not taking care of it. That would be typical then.

So I'm talking about everybody having proper sustenance. I'm talking about everybody being properly protected, clothing-wise, building-wise, sanitary-wise, everything you need physically, taken care of, and a very great deal of accommodation of your wants, over and above your absolute needs--your travel capability and so forth. That's what I'm talking about--standard of living in that way.

I'm not saying whether you're going to be happy or not. But I'm saying you're gaining this capability not at the expense of others. You're gaining it by virtue of using our minds and our knowledge and our experience to make it work for everybody.

You will not equate work with earning a living. This is very important. Every human being has a deep drive within them to demonstrate competence to themselves and to others. It's going to be the greatest privilege of all in a new kind of world like that, to be allowed to be on the production team. It will have nothing to do with earning a living, nothing to do with upset.

We're talking about a new kind of socialism, a socialism of four-and-a-half-billion billionaires. It's not a socialism of pulling the top down and sharing the misery, its a matter of pulling the bottom up and doing so, only because we now can do so much more with each pound of material, each erg of energy, each second of time. The increase has been about 99-fold. That's the only thing that makes it possible.

So it's a new moment in the history of humanity. That's what is difficult to get over. If I can get to you in enough so you can personally look into it a little more, then part of your integrity then will be for you to do your best to get other people to realize what I'm saying is so! You're going to find there's an enormous number of people who don't know this is so, that we actually have the option to make it.