Articles & Transcripts

A digital collection of writings and transcripts of speeches by Buckminster Fuller.

Accelerating Acceleration

And we're at a point where I now have what would seem absolutely incredible to generations before. I've now completed thirty-seven circuits of our Earth--kind of zig-zagging circuits, not straight around. Not tourist. Just responding to requests to appear here and there, to lecture at universities or design some structure, or whatever it may be.

Big Picture Thinking

Fuller: I am going to review two or three ways in which I discipline myself to try to get myself thinking in a little more adequate manner concerning what we know of our Universe and what may be going on in a larger way, and to try to get things a little better proportioned. As for instance, I would like to have a picture of our Milky Way galaxy may I have that picture please?

Earthians' Critical Moment

The following transcripts were taken from a dialogue while playing World Game (Integrity Day, June 1983).

Only Integrity is Going to Count

Excerpt from interview February 26, 1983

Interviewer: If or when we accomplish a hundred percent physically successful world, what is the next step? Can we rely on humans to progress without physical need?