Dymax Redux

Crowd-sourcing a new map for the Buckminster Fuller Institute

The Buckminster Fuller Institute is happy to announce the winner of DYMAX REDUX, an open call to create a new and inspiring interpretation of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map. Dymaxion Wood Ocean World by Nicole Santucci of Woodcut Maps (San Francisco, CA) has been selected as the winner out of a pool of over 300 entrants from 42 countries. Clouds Dymaxion Map by Anne-Gaelle Amiot of France was selected as the runner up.

"This was the first contest of its kind organized by BFI, and the response and interest has been amazing. We are thrilled to have such a high-level of submissions and look forward to doing more similar initiatives in the future" says BFI Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson, noting the great press coverage to-date.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute will produce the winning entry as a poster and include it in with the BFI online educational resource store. In addition, we have highlighted three entries that were chosen by our guest critics - graphic designer Nicholas Felton, artist Mary Mattingly and Dymaxion Map cartographer and Bucky's close friend and associate, Shoji Sadao - as their favorite individual pick. The winner and runner-up along with the other nine finalists will be featured at an in-person exhibition at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, October 22nd - November 27th, 2013. Event details. Photos from opening reception.

The Winner:   Dymaxion Woodocean World   Nicole Santucci + Woodcut Maps   United States
Nicole Santucci and team created a wonderful display of global forest densities, an ever-increasing important issue with the continued abuses of deforestation. What's more an actual woodcut version of the map was made in the process, allowing the 2-D version to transform into an icosahedral globe. As BFI Store Coordinator Will Elkins put it "They went above and beyond our call by creating a powerful display of relevant information using the subject matter itself as a medium. The idea, craftsmanship and end result are stunning."

The Runner-Up:   Clouds Dymaxion Map   Anne-Gaelle Amiot   France
Anne-Gaelle Amiot used NASA satelitte imagery to create this absolutely beautiful hand-drawn depiction of a reality that is almost always edited from our maps: cloud patterns circling above Earth. Anne-Gaelle describes the idea and process "One of the particularism of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion projection is to give the vision of an unified world. From the space, the Earth appears to us coverd, englobed by the cloud masses which circulate around it. By drawing a static image, capture of clouds position in one particular moment, the sensation of a whole is created. The result have the aspect of an abstract pattern, a huge melt where it is impossible to dissociate lands, seas, oceans."

Nicholas Felton Pick:   Map of My Family   Geoff Christou   Canada
"This map makes the best use of the Dymaxion projection, by hilighting information that is primarily land-based and allowing for the paths to extend in an unbroken fashion throughout the world." - Nicholas Felton

Mary Mattingly Pick:   Spaceship Earth: Climatic Regions   Ray Simpson   United States
"Eliminates human-made borders and focuses on mapping the shifting yet distinct climactic planes. This utopian projection relies only on geographic and geologic borders, truly a project Buckminster Fuller would appreciate." - Mary Mattingly

Shoji Sadao Pick:   In Deep Water   Amanda R. Johnson   United States
"A dramatic graphic take off on the map and gives important information about one of the basic problems that needs to be solved." - Shoji Sadao

The 11 Finalists (in alphabetical order):
Clouds Dymaxion Map   Anne-Gaelle Amiot   France
Around the World - Voyages Into the Unknown   Patrick Ryan Bourgeois + Akshay Mehra   United States
Map of My Family   Geoff Christou   Canada
In Deep Water   Amanda Rachel Johnson   United States
Heatmap Land Deep Sea   Jan Ulrich Kossmann   Germany
Geography of Violence: Guns, Stress and Mental Health   Karen Lewis (Ohio State Univ.)   United States
(W)igrations   nonOffice / Jonathan Robert Maj   Italy
Timezones   Emils Rode + Oskars Weilands   Latvia
Dymaxion Woodocean World   Nicole Santucci + Woodcut Maps   United States
Spaceship Earth: Climatic Regions   Ray Simpson   United States
Flumen Luna   Hector Tarrido-Picart   Puerto Rico/United States

70 years ago Life magazine published Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map. With an undistorted projection of the Earth’s surface, ability to be easily reconfigured and transform from a 2-D map to a 3-D globe, the Dymaxion Map (patented in 1946) was a cartographic breakthrough and its iconic design has inspired generations since.

In celebration of the map's publication anniversary, the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) is calling on today’s graphic designers, visual artists, and citizen cartographers to create a new and inspiring interpretation of the Dymaxion Map. BFI will publish notable entries within an online gallery, feature the selected finalists in a gallery exhibition in New York City and select one winning entry to be produced as a 36" x 24" poster and offered for sale within our online store. *

BFI is seeking submissions across the creative spectrum and will be selecting the winner based on originality, aesthetic beauty and informative qualities. The contest is open to all and will provide entrants with a high-res image to use as ‘canvas’.** Submissions must employ or contain obvious reference to the map’s foundational grid and adhere to specific size and resolution requirements. Click here for FAQ to DYMAX REDUX.

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