Vol. 19 No. 1, January 2018


Vol. 19 No. 1, January 2018

Trimtab Vol. 19 No. 1

BFI Updates

Welcome Ting Kelly, BFI’s Newest Board Member

We are thrilled to have Ting Kelly join us on the BFI Board of Directors. Ting is a creative and talented designer and strategist. She specializes in human-centered design, global innovation ecosystems and experience design. She has worked on a wide range of projects, including biotech and wearable tech startups,Tibetan Buddhist meditation non-profits, multinational Fortune 100 companies, and high-growth start-ups. Ting writes: "I am honored to join the BFI board, which weaves diverse backgrounds and perspectives that feels refreshing and activating. I've been incredibly fortunate to join the board during this period of immense change and opportunity. I feel motivated to help envision the new programs that can truly ignite a design science revolution for the next 10, maybe 100 years!" You can learn more about Ting and her work at

Thank You To Jessica Lipnack

It is with both sadness for us and excitement for her that we report Jessica Lipnack, BFI’s co-chair, is stepping down from the board. Jessica has played a critical role over the past two years, providing invaluable assistance during the Institute’s move from NYC to San Francisco. As the author of six books on collaboration and networked organizations, including The Networking Book for which Buckminster Fuller wrote the foreword, Jessica’s pioneering work has benefited BFI immensely. She helped both expand and deepen our thinking about how to engage the global community of accomplished and aspiring design scientists and brought her writing and editorial skills to bear on our communication.

The BFI board is deeply grateful for Jessica's creative input, clear thinking, attention to details, and eloquent consideration of others. All of these qualities have helped to lay the groundwork for the next phase of the Institute's development. Read more about Jessica’s background with the Fuller family here.


What is Regenerative Development?

The Regenesis group is a design consultancy that specializes in a regenerative approach to land use, community development and the built environment. They have created an illuminating video series introducing basic concepts of Regenerative Development. Take a look and learn about their integrative approach moving beyond problem solving to realize new potential within living systems.

Biophilia Resources from Terrapin

Terrapin Bright Green offers some great research and resources for Biophilic design. Biophilia is the human desire to affiliate with nature. Practicing biophilic design can lower stress, increase productivity and improve moods.

Soil Carbon Cowboys Videos

Enjoy these videos about a new type of cowboy that farms carbon in addition to grazing cattle. Stories come from all over the United States and tell stories of cascading benefits that result from managing carbon.

Upcoming Events

Systems Practice: A Practical Approach to Move from Impossible to Impact

Acumen+ and Omidyar have teamed up to offer a course in systems practice. Read this article to learn about a team’s experience with the class as well as the difference between Design Thinking and Systems Thinking. Sign up for the class here.

Living Future 2018

The Living Future unConference will take place in Portland, Oregon on May 1-4. This gathering focuses on cross-industry collaboration and bringing a diversity of voices to the room. Purchase your tickets and get ready to meet a whole community of people dedicated to regenerative community development.

Long Now Seminars on Long Term Thinking

The Long Now Foundation has a provocative monthly seminar series that encourages long-term thinking. You can view the archive of talks on their site and if you are in San Francisco, see one in person. Join as a member for access to high resolution videos and free tickets to the talks. One favorite is Nikki Case’s talk on Seeing Whole Systems.

From The Idea Index

International Living Future’s Biophilic Design Map

The 2012 Fuller Challenge winner, Living Building Challenge has a new map of examples of biophilic design from around the world.

From the Store

Limited Edition Portfolio available on BFI's online store

A Limited Edition print portfolio of new works was created to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of Buckminster Fuller. Published by The Buckminster Fuller Institute in 2015, the portfolio includes ten giclee color prints by artists Mel Chin, Fritz Haeg, Matthew Day Jackson, Helen + Newton Harrison, Maya Lin, Mary Mattingly, Pedro Reyes, Tomas Saraceno, and Stephen Talasnik. The portfolio is available on BFI's online store for a discounted price. All purchases directly support the non-profit institute.

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