Vol. 15 No. 7, July 2014


Vol. 15 No. 7, July 2014

Trimtab Vol. 15 No. 7

BFI Updates

Comprehensive Design + Science in St. Louis

Are you interested in Design Science? Watersheds? Citizen engagement? The built environment? Join us this Thursday in St. Louis, Missouri for a dynamic symposium exploring the intersection of these vital themes.

Happy Birthday, Bucky!

On the occasion of the 119th revolution of the sun since his birth in Milton, Massachusetts on July 12, 1895, BFI is launching a year-long celebration of one of Universe’s most amazing pattern integrities – R. Buckminster Fuller!!

BFI Relaunches its Membership Program!

We are thrilled to announce that as part of our celebration of Bucky's 120th birthday in 2015, BFI is launching an exciting new Membership Program! Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey to help us create a Membership Program that you want to be a part of.

Fuller Challenge Review Team Hard at Work

The review team has spent months pouring over applications submitted from dozens of countries and hundreds of project teams to the 2014 cycle of the Fuller Challenge. Take a look here to get to know some of the advisors contributing to our evaluation and jurying process. More will be announced as the Cycle continues!

Ecovative at MoMA PS1

Ecovative Design, the 2013 winners of the Fuller Challenge, made history this summer with their contribution of 10,000 mushroom bricks to the 40-foot-tall installation titled Hy-Fi in the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1.


Holistic Management in Action

This video shares the real-life experience of three ranchers across North America who have been applying the principles of Holistic Management, developed and championed by 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Winner Allan Savory and Project Hope.

Introductory Books on Complex Systems

All this talk about complexity, but what does it actually mean, and how can I actually work with the idea? If you've ever found yourself wondering something like this, this list of introductory books on complex systems might be of help.

Next Generation Infrastructure

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Juror Hillary Brown has recently published Next Generation Infrastructure. In it, she explores various ways of rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, examining current examples from around the world.

Upcoming Events

Bucky in Venice, Biennale continues

Commemorating the 119th anniversary of Buckminster Fuller's birth, OfficeUS, the US Pavilion at the ongoing Venice Biennale, hosted a series of talks and workshops on Fuller's ideas and artifacts.

Creative Climate Awards Call for Artists

As an official part of Climate Week NYC, the Human Impacts Institute is fielding submissions for its fourth annual Creative Climate Awards, bringing together the visual arts, performance art, and film to install climate-inspired public works throughout New York City.

Knud Lonberg-Holm at Ubu Gallery

Knud Lonberg-Holm, long-time inspiration to and friend of Buckminster Fuller, is being featured in an extensive exhibition at the Ubu Gallery in Manhattan.

From The Idea Index

Dispatches from the Field: Plant Chicago

Plant Chicago was featured as a Semifinalist in the Fuller Challenge in 2011. In the lead up to their presentation at our symposia this week in St. Louis we circled back with them for updates on their work since their first application.

From the Store

Two New Books in Store

We've got a couple more new books in the store!

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