Vol. 15 No. 2, February 2014


Vol. 15 No. 2, February 2014

Trimtab Vol. 15 No. 2

BFI Updates

New Year, New Website

Coinciding with the beginning of a new year for BFI, we are very excited to be launching our new website! After months of hard work, we've improved the navigation, updated the visual style, and made it even easier to get in touch.

Accepting Applications: Fuller Challenge Cycle Open Now!

We are now accepting applications for the 2014 Fuller Challenge! Answer the call of Buckminster Fuller: "make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”

Save the dates: April 4 & 17

BFI is planning an exciting series of symposia with The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design in partnership with The Land Institute, The Berry Center, The Elizabeth Ingraham Wright Institute, and Interface, Inc.—Paul Hawken, Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Mark Bittman and Janine Benyus are all on their way to the Great Hall! Stay tuned for more details.


Rare Bucky interviews released by Art on Air

One of our stellar volunteers contributed her efforts to a series of audio interviews with Bucky, recorded in 1976 upon the publication of And It Came To Pass—Not To Stay, and hosted by noted literary critic Charles Ruas.

Ecovative's Eben Bayer on biomaterials (video)

Check out the video of Eben Bayer, CEO of 2013 Fuller Challenge winners Ecovative speaking recently on a panel about renewable energy at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia.

The Physics of the Olympics

With the 2014 Winter Olympics on in Sochi, what better way is there to get the young ones (and the young-at-heart) interested in physics?

Upcoming Events

RBF at the Storefront for Art + Architecture

BFI will be attending the release of a new book about Fuller, R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man, at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC on Tuesday, Feb 25 at 7pm. See you there!

Bucky and Cosmopoetics at NYU

BFI Board Chair David McConville and Joachim Krausse, another erudite Bucky scholar, will be speaking at Cosmopoetics: A Symposium on (Post-)Modern Epistemology at NYU's Deutsches Haus on Friday, March 7. It should be an interesting day, so make sure you put it on your calendar!

Whole Earth Summit

BFI Board Chair David McConville, Buckminster Fuller Challenge winners Jason McLennan and Allan Savory, 2 finalists, and 4 jurors are all set to speak as part of the Whole Earth Summit, a free online conference happening March 11-14.

From The Idea Index

Dreaming New Mexico

Dreaming New Mexico helps facilitate ecological and social restoration at the state level by reconciling human and natural systems. It’s a systemic template, methodology and source of tools communities can use for place-based and bioregional planning. Its strategic premise: “Dreaming the future can create the future.”

From the Store

BFI Tote Bag

Carry your groceries, books and other personal goods in style with this 100% recycled cotton canvas tote bag. This two color print shows a Bucky's synergetic drawing above the Buckminster Fuller Institute name. Represent a little Bucky, geometry and BFI!

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