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Dymax Redux Winner Announced!

BFI is happy to announce the winner of DYMAX REDUX, an open call to create a new and inspiring interpretation of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map. Dymaxion Wood Ocean World by Nicole Santucci of Woodcut Maps (San Francisco, CA) has been selected as the winner out of a pool of over 300 entrants from 42 countries, and Anne-Gaelle Amiot's Clouds Dymaxion Map was selected as the runner up.

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Semi-finalists!

The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) is proud to announce the Semi-Finalists for the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. From the record number of entries this year, it was more difficult than ever to narrow down the pool to these 19 extraordinary initiatives. Read about them HERE!

Experience and Experiencing

Last month we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Buckminster Fuller's incredible influence on the world we now live in. In honor of "Guinea Pig B", we are reposting "Experience and Experiencing", a touching essay written by Allegra Fuller Snyder, his daughter, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

BFI at Marfa Dialogues NY

Initiated in Marfa, Texas, as a dialogue within the arts community about the pressing social and political realites of now, the Marfa Dialogues are coming to New York City this fall with a focus on climate change and social change. There will be a full calendar of insightful events throughout the next few months, and BFI is excited to be taking part in the project with our own events in October and November! See below for more.


Design and art and science (fiction) and literature

We've seen a number of great articles on the transdisciplinary nature of design. John Maeda, current president at RISD, talks about the relationship between art and science, and this article explores that between science fiction and the design process. In addition, cyberpunk Bruce Sterling offers a more literary perspective.

Projects, projects, projects!

We've also had a number of projects to highlight this month. Inspired by the Dymaxion Map, Jane Hutton and Adrian Blackwell created the Dymaxion Sleep project. Mike Weekes has been building a geodesic houseboat in Buffalo, which is coming along nicely. And Shane Buelna has been working on plans for self-contained, truly self-sustaining city, which you can read about here.

Gerry Davis moves on

Living his own life as an intentionally stateless person, Gerry Davis was a tireless advocate for a world without borders and the arbitrary demands of the nation-state. A former actor and World War II bomber, Davis created his own World Service Authority to issue and distribute thousands of World Passports in an effort to help create a world without conflict. For more information, make sure to read his obituary in the New York Times.


Time Capsule: Building a Dome in Ghana

Last month we received a phone call from architect and engineer Thomas Turman sharing a great story from the golden days of domes. He sent us some photographs to accompany the story, which we've shared along with his summary of the story on our site. Enjoy!

Allan Savory on NPR

You might have already heard it on the radio, but Iowa Public Radio, and now NPR, have run a short piece about planned grazing, which includes an interview with Allan Savory, the originator of holistic catlle management and winner of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge in 2010.

Makin' domes

Here are some resources for those interested in building their own domes:
Timelapse construction of a dome with 3D-printed joints. Two Irish lads show off a dome they made on the cheap. For the coders, here's an algorithm for generating a geodesic sphere in C++. Finally, the Geodesic Help Google Group may be a good place to direct similar questions.


Join BFI this fall!

Summer is starting to turn into Fall, and we've got a busy season lined up! Make sure to join BFI at all our up-coming events. Highlights include a panel with some of the jurors from the Challenge on October 7, the exhibition of finalists from our recently-concluded Dymax Redux map contest Oct. 24-Nov. 27, and of course the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Conferring Ceremony on November 14!

A Better World by Design

A Better World by Design is an international conference at Brown University and RISD in Providence, RI, connecting students, professionals, and individuals from different disciplines and striving to build a global community of socially-conscious innovators. The conference this year runs September 27 to 29, so make sure to register here!

10 Projects selected for Rebuild by Design

Rebuild by Design, and initiative of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, has announced the 10 projecst that will be moving on to Phase II of the competition to collaboratively research and design a resilient 21st-century approach to rebuilding portions of the Atlantic Seaboard impacted by Hurricane Sandy and anticipating further such extreme weather events. Check out the current round of winners at rebuildbydesign.org.