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Dymax Redux Finalists announced!

BFI is proud to announce 11 finalists to DYMAX REDUX, an open call to create a new and inspiring interpretation of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map. We will be announcing the winner and critics' picks in a few weeks. For now check out the amazing finalists and learn more about the project here!

Bucky as Pattern Integrity

This July, we celebrated Bucky's 118th birthday, the 30th anniversary of his passing on, and his enduring legacy as the pioneering comphrehensive anticipatory design scientist. In an informal survey of our Facebook friends, we asked you about how Bucky has influenced your life. Join the conversation here!

BFI welcomes new team member

We said good luck to Sophie Nichols, who is moving on from BFI to start a Master's degree in Architecture at Cornell University in the fall, after an interim summer in Berlin. Taking her place as the manager of graphic design, media, and communications (including this newsletter) is Toshiro Kida, who is excited to be starting with BFI.

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge program seeks Fall intern

Join the BFI team a few days a week and help award the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge winner. If you love to organize a party AND you're interested in working to solve the world's most pressing problems, read about BFI's internship opportunity and how to apply here.


ASEAN and ECOWAS pushing for regional power integration

Good news from our friends at GENI: Member states of ASEAN and ECOWAS, the economic and political cooperation bodies in Southeast Asia and West Africa, respectively, are continuing to make headway in their pushes for regional power grid integration.

Papo Colo back on the art scene

Papo Colo, the co-founder of the dearly missed Exit Art gallery, whose longtime partner Jeanette Ingberman, died two years ago, is back in action on the engaged art scene after taking some time off to grieve. Colo is a very interesting, wild trickster character and a lovely fellow, and his work is definitely worth paying attention to.

Inventing the mouse, changing the world

This month we are also marking the passing of Douglas Engelbart - lengendary computer scientist, inventor of the mouse and concept of personal computing. With a deeply humanitarian perspective on the possibility of technology to augment human intelligence and minimize humanity's suffering, he was one of the pioneers of the Information Age.


Domes of the World

Interested in finding the geodesic dome closest to your house? Looking to do a tour of the domes all around the world? You can start doing both by checking in with the Domes of the World map prepared and maintained by the The Geodesic Help Google Group! Click through for the map here!

DMass Depository for "Naked Value" Profiles

dMASS Inc. has released the first of its profiles for innovations that are moving toward “naked value.” Each “Naked Value" profile or NVP details why the innovation was selected by dMASS and explains its relevance to discerning innovators and seekers of innovation. As a Buckminster Fuller Challenge Partner, they will be considering the 2013 Semi-finalists for inclusion in the depository. Stay tuned to read about more emerging innovations.

Whole Earth Conference in Berlin

While the show itself may be over now, the materials from The Whole Earth exhibition and conference which ran at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin are definitely worth checking out. Taking in the "Californian" viewpoint from the 1960s onward and the myriad cultural, historical, artistic, and technological threads running up through our present time. the show included a keynote with Bucky scholar Fred Turner, which should be especially interesting.


Katerva celebrates 2012 Awards winners

Katerva held the Ceremony for their 2012 Awards winners earlier this month, in Geneva, Switzerland, in collaboration with the UN. Congratulations go out to the winners of the Katerva Awards, many of whom have also entered the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. We are currently working through applications and wish you all the best of luck for our own award!

Spaceship Earth in Baltimore

Inspired by the ideas and work of Buckminster Fuller, the team of students and faculty at Morgan State University's School of Architecture + Planning have built a geodesic DJ dome as part of their Destination 1 installation at Artscape, which will be running July 19-21 in Baltimore.

EcoCity Summit 2013

Registration is now open for the 2013 EcoCity World Summit on Sustainable Cities, to be held in Nantes, France, from the 25th to the 27th of September. "Early bird" registrations are extended up to August 20th.

Exhibition on Yukihisa Isobe

The Ichihara Lakeside Museum in Chiba, across the bay from Tokyo, will be holding an exhibition on Bucky-influenced environmental artist Yukihisa Isobe, from August 3rd through November 4th. The highlight of the exhibition is an 8-meter wide Dymaxion Map of ocean currents, so if you happen to be in Japan before November, make sure to check it out!