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Fly's Eye Dome steals the show becoming the icon of Toulouse International Art Festival

BFI's Executive Director, Elizabeth Thompson, and John Warren, Bucky's collaborator on the Fly's Eye dome project(s) were on hand in Toulouse in May to celebrate the restoration and construction of the 50-foot Fly's Eye Dome and the opening of the Toulouse Festival. Philips sponsored the lighting for the installation with a spectacular 17 minute sequence that runs continuously each evening from 9pm - 1am.

2013 Challenge Cycle sees Record Number of Entries from 44 Countries!

The Buckminster Fuller Institute is pleased to announce a record number of entries to the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Thank you to all the designers, artists, architects, authors, educators, students, inventors, developers, scientists, engineers, and social entrepreneurs who applied. Read the list of countries from which applications were submitted on the Challenge site, and stay tuned for further developments in the review process.

New Print Available to BFI Donors

This season donors at all levels to BFI will receive a the second in our series of newsprint poster and brochures, featuring Buckminster Fuller in his studio, as a token of our appreciation. Send your support today!


Secrets of Roman Concrete Discovered!

The ingredients leading to super durability of Ancient Roman concrete have long been a mystery. This month UC Berkeley published research on how the extraordinarily stable compound – calcium-aluminum-silicate-hydrate (C-A-S-H) – binds the concrete that can last over 2000 years, with far less carbon intensive production than modern Portland cement mixes. More here.

Solar Powered Airplane has Completed Third Journey

The Solar Impulse, and unmanned entirely solar powered airplane, has competed the third leg of it's journey across the United States. It travelled last week from Dallas to St. Louis, breaking the record for distance travelled by such a vehicle.

Library of Congress' Holland Prize goes to Drawing of Fuller's Carbondale Dome

Thad Heckman won the 2011 Holland Prize for his HABS measured drawing of the Richard Buckminster Fuller and Anne Hewlett Fuller Dome Home in Carbondale, Illinois. Heckman is an architect and proprietor of Design Works in Carbondale. He also is an assistant instructor of architectural studies at Southern Illinois University. Congratulations!

Montreal Biosphere is in Danger of Losing Funding

The Biosphere in Montreal, Canada's only museum dedicated to the environment, housed in Fuller's 1967 Expo Dome, is likely to close this year due to lack of funding, despite public outcry. For the full Montreal Gazette article on the Biosphere's plans, read on here.


Biomimicry 3.8 and HOK release Genius of Biome Report

Biomimicry 3.8 biologists partnered with HOK designers to release a report on the strategies and designs adopted by living organisms found in the temperate broadleaf forest biome. The report encourages designers, architects and planners to adapt lessons learned from biological principles. More information here.

National Geographic story celebrating 2011 Challenge Winner, Blue Ventures

In "Farming Sea Cucumbers in Madagascar for Economic Hope and Conservation", National Geographic discusses the inner workings of Blue Ventures. Read the whole piece here!

A Petition to Retroactively Award Denise Scott Brown a Pritzker Prize

In 1991 The Pritzker Prize was awarded to Robert Venturi for his work in the field of architecture. It is widely acknowledged that the awarding committee overlooked Denise Scott Brown, his co-author and parter for the same work. Women in Design organized a petition for equal recognition. Sign it here!


Kenji Williams' Bella Gaia partners with the UNEP in "From Hotspots to Hopespots"

Bella Gaia presents a new film Hotspots to Hopespots, a collaboration with the UNEP to beautifully articulate and visualize the changing environment. For more information on live performances or to watch the film online, follow this link.

Join Sam Green at the River to River Festival for two new live Documentaries

On June 20th Sam Green will be performing two new live documentary pieces: "Love Letter to the Fog", a meditation on fog, grief, and the sublime in San Francisco, with live music by the mighty Quavers; and "The Biggest-Smallest", a poem about fate and the outer contours of human experience, live soundtrack by yMusic. The evening is part of a series curated by Laurie Anderson and co-presented by Rooftop Films.

The Journal of Black Mountain College Studies Seeks Submissions on Buckminster Fuller

The Journal of Black Mountain College Studies invites submissions for upcoming issues. Any paper or web-based project relating to Buckminster Fuller will be considered. The due date for the Buckminster Fuller issue is August 15, 2013.