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Interface, Inc., Joins The Buckminster Fuller Challenge in Global Search for Breakthrough Solutions

Building upon the profound and intertwining legacies of breakthrough innovation and a deep commitment to the fate of Spaceship Earth, The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) announces a partnership with Ray Anderson's company, Interface, Inc., to accelerate the development of restorative solutions to the most critical issues facing humanity. Read the whole press release for details on the partnership and opportunities for Challenge entrants here.

Fuller's Biggest Fly's Eye Dome To Be Fully Restored

BFI is excited to share the news that the 50 foot Fly's Eye dome is undergoing a complete restoration and will be unveiled as the centerpiece of the Toulouse Contemporary Art Festival, May 24th in Toulouse, France. For more information, read the Architect's Newspaper article, Reviving a Visionary.


Design Pioneer, Jay Baldwin on the Dymaxion House

The Henry Ford Museum is taking on an ambitious project to restore and maintain Fuller's Wichita prototype of the Dymaxion House. We took the occasion to ask Fuller's colleague and Dymaxion House expert, Jay Baldwin, about the structure. Please enjoy!

dMass' Howard Brown Discusses Abundance and Sustainability

In this week's edition of a series of articles leading up to Compostmodern, Howard Brown discusses real wealth and how a sustainable economy leads to more wealth for everyone. Read Designing Wealth.

2012 Challenge Runner-up, Cheryl Dahle on Core77

Cheryl Dahle elegantly explains the complex systems that she is working with at Future of Fish to ease overfishing. It's an great case study for systems intervention and a well-articulated process towards real change. Read What Can Future of Fish Teach Us About Systems Design?.

SXSW Eco Is Looking for Suggestions!

This October, SXSW Eco will be hosting it's third annual conference, featuring innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Following an amazing second year, SXSW Eco has quickly become a significant connector for professionals working to solve the complex challenges facing civil society, the economy and the natural world. Submit suggestions for panels and workshops to PanelPicker. Deadline May 3rd.

Mayors Challenge Grand Prize Awarded to Providence Rhode Island's Angel Taveras

Angel Tavera won the Mayors Challenge with his Providence Talks plan to equip young children with pager sized word counters because "by their fourth birthday, children who grow up in low-income households will have heard thirty-million fewer words than their middle- and high-income peers. Providence Talks solves this problem, for good."


"A Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth", Bucky on BBC

Fuller's grandson Jaime Snyder, architect Norman Foster, sculptor Antony Gormley, writers Bryan Appleyard and Alice Rawsthorn, and Andrew Simms of the New Economics Foundation join BBC to discuss Fuller's work and his relevance today on a radio program available to stream here.

Brain Pickings' Maria Popova on "Synergetics and The Wellspring of Reality: Buckminster Fuller Against Specialization"

Popova presents Fuller's aversion to specialization, and describes the roots of the geometric-concept-turned-buzz-word, "Synergy", in a thoughtful piece that explains and contextualizes Fuller's work elegantly.

2012 Challenge Juror Alice Rawsthorn's Hello World: Where Design Meets Life Released

Alice Rawsthorn's new book, Hello World: Where Design Meets Life exploring the way that design affects our daily lives in the past, present and future. The Guardian reviews the book here.


BFI Executive Director, Elizabeth Thompson To Deliver Keynote at Columbia's Sustainable Perspectives Symposium

Join us at the Sustainable Perspectives Symposium march 30th at Columbia University's Low Library. Elizabeth Thompson gives the keynote address at 10AM, joined by leaders in sustainable design. Tickets are free, but space is limited, register soon!

Fuller Future Festival in Carbondale

April 4-6th, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois will host Fuller Future Festival, themed "Livingry: Designing Peace". More information about the Festival here.