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Buckminster Fuller Challenge Begins Accepting Applications on March 1st!

Beginning March 1st, BFI will begin accepting applications for the 2013 cycle of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. For more information about entering, please visit the Challenge site. We look forward to hearing about your projects!

Solutions Journal Compiles Research Advocating John Todd's 2008 Challenge Winning Proposal for Appalachia

The Future of Appalachia in Solutions Journal gathers evidence and advocates for the redevelopment of West Virginia's mining economy, as seen in John Todd's Challenge Winning proposal. Read more of the powerful arguments for rebuilding the lagging economy and ecological health of the soil using coal slurry remediation here!

2010 Challenge Winner, Allan Savory, Selected to Present at TED2013 Global Conference

Savory Institute Founder and President Allan Savory has been chosen to present at the TED2013 Global Conference "The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered " in Long Beach, California Feb 26 - March 1, 2013. For a presentation by Allan in Johannesburg's TED conference, click here.


Short Documentary, The Overview Effect Released

The Planetary Collective released this moving documentary on the 40th anniversary of the "Blue Marble" photo of the earth seen from space. The film tracks the transformative effect that this perspective can have, as told to us by the astronauts who first saw it. More, here, on the film from The Overview Institute.

Underdome Project

From architects, Jeanette Kim and Eric Carver, comes "a cross between a voter's guide and an architectural handbook". The Underdome succinctly presents a taxonomy of engagement with energy and public life. Check out their beautiful research here.

Help Entrepreneurs Get To The Unreasonable Institute

Entrepreneurs from 47 countries vied for the 14 slots available to attend the 2013 Unreasonable Institute. After conducting 105 interviews and turning away over 200 other entrepreneurs, the Unreasonable Institute has selected 14 exceptional ventures. These entrepreneurs have one final challenge to overcome to attend the Institute: galvanizing the globe to raise the money it costs to attend the Unreasonable Institute.


Fuller's Basket-Weave Dome at the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon

Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon asked Fuller's family members, Jaime Snyder and Deacon Marvel to help adapt the 1965 Basket-Weave Dome for public display in France. See the Museum's exhibition report on the elegant dome here. And read Jaime and Deacon's report on the project here!

Check out Resource Fix Innovations on dMass

dMass is one of the top resources on innovations surrounding resource management across fields such as engineering, technology and bio-tech. They share their findings on Resource Fix, so you can browse the projects setting the standard for efficient resource use!

Techne Verde's EcoEvolution Radio

Michael Gosney, of BFI fiscal sponsorship project, Techne Verde, hosts an online radio program, EcoEvolution covering our current environmental movement with in-depth programs with topics such as permaculture and green building. Listen for more!

The Guardian's "How do we redesign a new economic theory framed by ecological systems?"

The Guardian published a fantastic article that functions as an introduction to a new way of looking at the economic system. Applying hard sciences to a complex system has worked for ecology, so why not apply that disciplines lessons to the complex economic system? BFI recommends "How do we redesign a new economic theory framed by ecological systems?", read it here.


HUB Oaxaca presents ¡Catapulta! Social Innovation Festival

BFI's fiscal sponsorship project, Hub Oaxaca is hosting ¡Catapulta! Social Innovation Festival. Join BFI and Challenge Finalists, Ellen Fish and Sanga Moses in Oaxaca on March 11-17th for the 3rd Annual Forum on Social Innovation, culminating in a TEDx conference!

Cooper Union presents Lessons From Modernism Exhibit

Cooper Union's Lessons From Modernism: Environmental Design Considerations in 20th Century Architecture, 1925 - 1970, open until March 16th, explores a diverse range of architects from the middle of the 20th century, and how they laid the groundwork for today's environmental performance standards, including Fuller's Wichita House!

Gimme More Exhibition and Panel on Augmented Reality

Eyebeam opens their exhibition, Gimme More: Is Augmented Reality the Next Medium? with a panel on te interaction between digital and physical worlds, Thursday, February 21 6:00. The exhibition of reality-based digital installations stays up up until March 2nd.