BFI Updates

Ecovative Design wins the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Thank you for joining us at our 2013 awards celebration on Monday, November 18th! We are proud to honor all the great work from Ecovative Design and Échale A Tu Casa (winner and runner-up, respectively), as well as WaterBank Schools (recipient of sponsorship support from Interface Inc.) and the other finalists in this year's Challenge. More about the ceremony!

Welcoming Sarah to the Team

With the close of this year's Buckminster Fuller Challenge cycle, we bid a fond farewelll to Challenge Program Manager Sharifah Taqi, who has skillfully and with great grace overseen the program since 2011. Sharifah leaves us to start a new venture in Los Angeles, and we wish her the best of success! Sarah Skenazy will be taking up the reins of the Challenge, and we could not be more delighted to welcome her to our team! Sarah brings experience in whole-systems design thinking, communications, network and community development to her role as program manager. Welcome Sarah!

Dymax Redux Report

October and November also saw the exhibition of the winning entry, Dymaxion Woodocean World, and the other finalists of our Dymax Redux contest at the Cooper Union. Read more about the contest and exhibition here on our website:

Fly's Eye Dome in Amsterdam

Join BFI and thousands of others in Amsterdam this December for the annual Amsterdam Light Festival! Fuller's beautifully restored 50 foot Fly's Eye Dome will be this year's highlight, installed on pontoons near Central Station in the heart of Amsterdam. BFI Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson will host a dialogue with Fuller's collaborator, John Warren, who built the original Fly's Eye domes.

Give us your feedback

For those of you in attendence on Monday, we'd love to stay connected with you as we expand and enhance our work to extend the profound legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller into the future. Please take a moment to tell us about your experience of the program at We appreciate every piece of feedback!

Support our work!

Your support is what makes all of this possible. Please join us as we go forwards into the holiday season, and help us support the advancement of human well being and the health of our planet's ecosystems!

Allegra Fuller Snyder at Imagine Science Film Festival

Allegra Fuller Snyder and members of the BFI staff attended a screening of Reflections as part of the Imagine Science Film Festival back in October. We've included this before, but we now have video footage of the Q&A session that took place after the showing!

Making the Dymaxion Woodocean World

We had the opportunity to ask Nicole Santucci, of San Francisco-based Woodcut Maps about her inspirations for designing the Dymaxion Woodocean World map, their winning entry to our Dymax Redux contest. Read on for her answers!

Tyger Tyger #2

Following on from his first Tyger Tyger post in September's Trimtab, Michael Hohmann continues his discursive path from Bucky's Critical Path through the Tofflers' Revolutionary Wealth and on to Karl Popper. Well worth the read!

Less Does More

Dr. Chris Stout takes his inspiration from Critical Path in a similar but slightly different direction, leading to the Whole Earth Catalog and William Easterly's The White Man's Burden. Read more about it here.

10 finalists selected for Rebuild by Design

10 projects will be advancing to the final round of Rebuild by Design, the HUD design competition looking at ways to integrate resilience and sustainabiliy into the recovery from Sandy in affected regions of New York and New Jersey. Read more about the projects here.

Seminar on Experimental Education at Black Mountain College

The Center for Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center will be hosting a seminar on the interdisciplinary, experimental work that Buckminster Fuller, John Cage, and Josef Albers did at Black Mountain College, coming up on December 3.

Love Song in London

Sam Green and Yo La Tengo's Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller is crossing the pond this month, with a couple of showings at the Barbican in London on December 8. Make sure to get your tickets here!


The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) will be hosting the fourth biennial Design Science Symposium, in partnership with the Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC), on January 31 through February 2, 2014.

Bucky Week with Harold Channer

If you're in the New York City area, public access TV presenter Harold Channer will be broadcasting a whole week's worth of Bucky-related interviews this week, which you can catch on MNN's Community Channel. Check out this week's schedule.

Water Water Everywhere

As the basis for all biological life on Earth, water is a crucial resource and will become only more so as we head further into the 21st century. Water, Water Everywhere is a traveling exhibition of short films by 45 artists exploring water issues from around the world.