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AltLiving Building Challenge Wins!

BFI is pleased to announce that The Living Building Challenge has been selected as the Winners of the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge!

Celebrating 5 Years of the Challenge

BFI celebrated the fifth year of The Buckminster Fuller Challenge with a series of events leading up to the June 6th Award Ceremony in New York. Full recap here.

AltConversations with Allegra Snyder & Elizabeth Thompson

Earlier this month, Allegra Fuller Snyder and Elizabeth Thompson appeared together on Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer.

AltStanford Social Innovation Review on Challenge Winners

Pablo Freund contributed this essay about The Living Building Challenge in relationship to Bucky's legacy for this astute periodical.

AltBFC Prize Monies Build New Homes for Center for Holistic Management in Africa

Visit Hut With A View, Seth Itzkan's reporting on the work of Challenge winner, Alan Savory's Africa Center for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe.


Trends and Perspectives

What is a Flame?

A question Bucky once tried to answer in the simplest of terms has become the subject of an entire competition. The winner was announced at the World Science Festival.

Climate Engineers

Spend some time with this rich article from the New Yorker about the field of geoengineering and what these scientists are working on to preserve the future of the planet.

Germany Making Shift from Nuclear

By 2050 Germany hopes for 80% of its energy to come from renewable sources such as solar and wind power. Read about the shift here.



AltBucky on Tumblr

Join this worldwide community collaboration inviting active participation and submissions on the influence and cultural relevance of Bucky's legacy on Tumblr.

AltTensegrity Blanket Fort

Last month, BFI shared this model with Wired Magazine. Here they feature an illustrated guide to building your own blanket fort with simple items and the principles of Tensegrity.

AltSynergy Aircraft Project

Check out this video that recently helped the Synergy Aircraft Project to earn the funding that it needed to keep its innovation soaring...

AltEcoCitizen World Map

Browse amidst hundreds or submit your own projects and initiatives that are helping to usher in a new era of eco-consciousness with the new EcoCitizen World Map.



Participate at Black Mountain

You can still submit relevant content thru the month of June for the event on Fuller's legacy in Black Mountain, NC, September 28-30th. All the details can be found here.

Just Days Until Rio+20

The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development commences this month in Rio de Janeiro. Read more about the significance of the conference here.

A Center for Human Imagination

On April 12th, UC San Diego and the Clarke Foundation signed an agreement to establish the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at the University.

2012 US Biochar Conference

The US Biochar Initiative selected the Sonoma Biochar Initiative with the Sonoma Ecology Center to host their yearly conference in Sonoma County, California, starting July 29th.


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