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AltSemi-FInalists Announced

The Buckminster Fuller Institute is pleased to announce that 18 Semi-Finalists have advanced from a pool of 162 entries to the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge!

Michael Ben-Eli at Cooper Union

Leading up to the 2012 Challenge Award ceremony, BFI senior advisor Michael Ben-Eli will be presenting Project Wadi Attir at Cooper Union on May 15th in New York. Space is limited. Please RSVP.

AltJoin BFI in June!

Please join us on June 6th for finalist presentations, a round-table discussion and the announcement of the winner of the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge.

AltEnric Ruiz-Geli Lecture Video

Following his appearance at SmartGeometry 2012, BFI hosted Enric Ruiz-Geli for an hour-long lecture on his Millennium Project. See documentation of the talk here.

AltSummer Intern Needed

BFI, located in Brooklyn, NY, is looking for a volunteer for the summer of 2012. Time Frame: End of May - June; 2 days a week, could expand through the summer.


Trends and Perspectives

Clues From Prehistoric Fisheries

Researchers in Hawaii are finding useful evidence of prehistoric methods of sustainable fishing and nourishment. Read more here.

Bucky & Bay Area Show Coverage

Following the opening of SFMOMA's Bucky & the Bay Area exhibition: these two publications offer coverage of the exclusive show.

Urban Chicken Raising with BK Farmyards

Watch this new video featuring 2009 Challenge Finalists BK Farmyards. They'll show you the way that they raise healthy chickens in an urban setting.



AltDreaming New Mexico Methods Book

Challenge contenders, Dreaming New Mexico have released this resource, created in response to many requests from around the country and world about how they operate.

AltNew Experimental Bucky Documentary

See a trailer for 9 Chains: Buckminster Fuller in Philadelphia a film with original score, premiering April 28th at International House Philadelphia and touring thereafter.

AltNew Synergetic Form Introduced

Watch this video from MIT researchers: this collapsible structure fabricated from a single piece of material represents a new class of 3-D, origami-like structures.

AltChallenge Juror's Energy Auditor

Watch 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Juror, Saul Griffith, present an audit of his energy use, then measure your own energy use with the tool he developed.

AltArchitecture in Development

Stories about design ideas and their relation to different communities and cultures. Featuring your contributions every three months; the next submission deadline is 5/12.



David McConville @ Switchpoint 2012

On April 20th, BFI President David McConville spoke about "Challenges and Global Engagement" at Switchpoint, a gathering of global thinkers for the developing world.

Buckminster Fuller Live European Debut

In London, The Building Centre will celebrate its 80th anniversary on May 3rd with a full day of FREE events and activities. Featuring the European debut of Buckminster Fuller Live.

SOCAP: Design the Future

Next month, David McConville will deliver the opening keynote talk "Re-Imagining the Big Picture" and co-facilitating a workshop at SOCAP in Malmo, Sweden.

Buckminster Fuller: Lessons Learned...

If you are in San Diego in early June you can catch this day of events, 'Buckminster Fuller: Lessons Learned and the Impact Today' presented by WSRC a project of GENI.

September: Exploring Fuller's Legacy

Black Mountain College Museum, BFI & UNC Asheville present a 3-day conference exploring Fuller's Legacy. Proposals for relevant programming are welcome by 6/30!


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