BFI Updates

AltRSVP with BFI: Millennium Project Lecture

Following his appearance at SmartGeometry 2012 BFI will host Enric Ruiz-Geli for an hour-long lecture on his Millennium Project. March 26th @ 2PM; space is limited, please RSVP.

AltRecap: DIY Days @ The New School

On March 3rd, BFI participated in DIY Days NYC at The New School. If you couldn't attend, you'll find exclusive documentation of the event here. 

AltEmerge: Artists and Scientists Redesign the Future

Earlier this month, BFI President David McConville participated in the Emerge conference at ASU. Here is some coverage.

AltDesign Miami Fly'e Eye Installation

This article highlights the significance of BFI's recent exhibition of the Fly's Eye Dome at Design Miami.


Trends and Perspectives

O2 Treeouses Catching On

Check out a trailer for Treehuggers, a new series about the work and rise in popularity of O2 Treehouses. Also check out their brand new website and latest pieces.


This event, curated by long-time BFI advisor Bruce Cahan, envisions systemic change in the financial industry through an integration of leading-edge insight and innovation...

To Redesign the Vacuum...

As a testament to the difficulties of the commitment to changing existing design standards, inventor James Dyson shares his trials in redesigning the vacuum cleaner.

Developing: Solid Buckyballs in Space

Last year scientists found gaseous clouds of buckyballs in space. Astronomers have now discovered the carbon molecules in a solid form, 6,500 light-years from Earth.

John McHale and the Expendable Ikon

Design Observer takes a look at the life of noted collaborator of Bucky's and the editor of the seminal World Design Science Decade documents, John McHale.

Harvest Dome Project

Last year, two artists launched the Harvest Dome project, an dome constructed from used plastic bottles and umbrella frames. Here is a profile on this newly funded effort.



AltEco-Site for Youths

Earth Preservers is an environmental news and information site for kids with continuously-updated reports that find the green in everything. See this rich resource here.

AltRIO+20 Challenge Papers

In preparation for the 2012 Global Transitition Summit, Rio+20 features this collection of Challenge Papers. The themes address most pressing issue for the conference.

AltFree Ebook: How Maps Change Things

Until the end of the month ODT Maps has made Ward Kaiser's new 225 page volume, How Maps Change Things, available for free digital download. Download while you still can!

AltSubmit to the Human Factors Prize

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society is open for submissions to the 2012 Human Factors Prize: Recognizing Excellence in Human Factors/Ergonomics Research.



Global Solutions Lab

Check-out Medard Gabel's Global Solutions Lab. This program introduces teenagers to the basics of design science, teamwork, systemic global perspectives.

SOCAP: Designing the Future

SOCAP gathers the world's pioneering investors and innovators and leaders to design a world that's better for all. May 8-10th in Malmö, Sweden.

ESP 2012: Portland

The Ecosystem Services Partnership invites you to the 5th annual ESP conference. Find registration info and a call for programming here.


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