BFI Updates

AltChallenge 2012: Idea Index Update

BFI is pleased to announce that it has published 103 entries to this year's Challenge in the Idea Index— BFI's repository of whole systems solutions to the world's problems. 

AltBFI @ DIY Days

BFI is partnering with DIY Days, a roving gathering for those who create. Register now for a day of talks, workshops & networking at the New School in NYC on March 3rd.

AltExpanding Minds with JP Harpignies

Progressive Radio Network brings us this interview with Buckminster Fuller Challenge review team member JP Harpignies on the topic of Political Ecology.


Trends and Perspectives

Fuller-Influenced Projection Art

Abacus is a performance that employs the spectacle of large scale projection, a form of presentation that Fuller imagined with ideas like the Geoscope.

Housing and the 99%

Fuller's early ideas about economically sustainable housing are gaining greater significance after the housing bubble. Design Observer weighs in Dymaxion living.

Bucky's Trending

Trend Hunter and MoCo bring us two examples of Bucky-influenced work surfacing in popular culture today.

Peter Sloterdijk: Bubbles

Here are two reviews of a new book by German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk on a form that Fuller often used as an example of nature's order: bubbles.



AltBiosphere Environmental Museum

Bucky's triumph Montreal Expo dome has become the Biosphere Environmental Museum. See new photographs of the campus at Inhabit.

AltSteven Sieden on Greenerviews

This site provides coverage of A Fuller View author, Steven Sieden's appearance on the Greenerviews podcast. See BFI President David McConville's contribution to the book.

AltThe Growth Planner

Changemakers has introduced a new resource meant to connect innovators with investors while simultaniously providing suggestions for the growth of your work.

AltNowhere Island: Resident Thinkers

Author Keri Smith contributes this comic for the Nowhere Island project. A cultural experiment created by artist Alex Hartley in conjunction with the 2012 London Olympics.



Emerge: ...Redesign the Future

From March 1–3, ASU hosts Emerge–a multi-disciplinary conference to rethink the future of the human species; including a Design Science workshop led by BFI's President.

RBF & the Bay Area

This new article sheds further light on the upcoming SFMOMA exhibition, The Utopian Impulse: Bucky and the Bay Area.

Imagine Science Film Festival

The earlybird deadline for the 1st Biannual UCD Imagine Science Film Festival in Ireland and New York is March 15th. Find out more about the event here.

Germany: 'We Are All Astronauts'

The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany is hosting the show, We Are All Astronauts which exhibits Fuller's Universe in relationship to contemporary art works.


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