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BFI's Year End Fundraising Goal

This year BFI has grown faster than ever. We have new staff, new projects and we look forward to deepening our impact on the world's most pressing problems in 2013. In these trying economic times, however, we rely on your support more than ever. Donate to support our work, because together we're stronger than the sum of our parts! Donate now!

BFI Launches New Dymaxion Artifacts Store

BFI is proud to roll-out our redesigned online store, Dymaxion Artifacts! We hope you agree that the new design is more fun to browse and easier to use. Check in to see the new interface and new products too! The new address is www.bfi.goodsie.com

Staff Member, Pablo Freund's Report on NYC Flood Management

BFI's Managing Director, Pablo Freund and former colleague, Adam Yukelson report on their study of flood management in New York City before politicians had any interest in the topic. Read more of the anticipatory report "Resilience and Flood Risk" on the Earth Institute's website.


Challenge Semi-Finalist, Architecture for Humanity Launches Post-Sandy Restoration Plan

Architecture for Humanity launches their 5 point strategy for providing assistance to existing short-term recovery programs as well as rebuilding the damaged areas of the mid-Atlantic coastline with sustainable, resilient infrastructure. Read more here!

Urban Air Redesigns LA's Billboards to House Gardens

This is a beautiful proposal by artist Stephen Glassman to plant and wifi-enable bamboo gardens on unused billboard structures. Take a look at the website for mock-ups and a video about the project, here.

99% Invisible Discusses Fuller's Iconic Dome in Woods Hole, CT

In their show, "Derelicht Dome", the design radio show, 99% Invisible explains the history (and dubious future) of Bucky's Woods Hole as a restaurant, an eye-sore and a beloved icon! Listen here!

Occupy Wall Street starts Rolling Jubilee Program to Relieve Student Debt

Activist group, Occupy Wall Street has launched a new initiative to buy off debt from burdened former students. Still in it's infancy, the program has a lot of promise and an informative website.


Comprehensive Map of Sandy Relief Efforts Released on Google Maps

Google Maps now houses anopen-source map displaying where people have extra resources, and where they can be put to use. For those of you in the area, find out where you can help, or add the help you need. More links on how to add info here

Bloomberg Challenge announces Finalists

Bloomberg announces the finalists in his challenge to mayor's across the United States to solve national problems on a local scale. Read the 20 innovative proposals here!

Sam Green Launches a website for Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller Live Documentary

If you've been waiting for Sam Green and Yo La Tengo to announce that they will be in your city next, then check out the spiffy website with up to date touring information.


350.org Do The Math event comes to NYC

This Friday, Nov. 16th, Naomi Klein joins Bill McKibben and 350.org bring their lecture tour to New York, presenting the case for environmental math. If you're not in New York, stay tuned for your city's event date. Sign up now!

National Building Museum's PLAY WORK BUILD exhibit opens

The National Building Museum in Washington, DC partnered with Rockwell Group to create an interactive exhibit exploring the relationship between play and design. Looks like a great excuse to bring out their world-renowned collection of architectural building toys! Learn more here!

Peter Fend's What To Do Next at the Peanut Underground

Veteran environmental artist, Peter Fend, opened a new show in New York's Peanut Underground Gallery, with detailed drawings on subjects including seaweed and methane gas energy production. Find a review in the New York Observer here.