BFI Updates

AltDesign Miami Recap

Last month RBF's newly restored Fly's Eye Dome and reconstructed Dymaxion 4 appeared at Design Miami, the global forum for leading edge design. Full coverage here...

AltChallenge 2012: First 9 Jurors Announced

BFI has announced the first nine members of the jury that will preside over the selection of the finalists, runner up and winner of the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge.

Alt$42,000 Raised!

Thank You to all who responded to our call to contribute to BFI's work to achieve Bucky's vision of success for 100% of humanity...

AltStart with Universe

BFI president, David McConville has contributed to L. Steven Sieden's new book, 'A Fuller View: Buckminster Fuller's Vison of Hope and Abundance for All.' Read.

Specialized in Generality

Here is the third installment of the Dymaxion Forum from new BFI Social Innovation Research Fellow, Pablo Freund Lanfranco. Read on and comment.


Trends and Perspectives

Savory Institute Coverage

IPS news brings us this coverage of 2010 Challenge winner Alan Savory's work with Africa Center for Holistic Management titled, 'Brown Revolution Brings New Hope.'

Foster Movie Review

Here is a movie review of 'How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?' — a new documentary about British architect Norman Foster's life and work.

Info into Atoms

I.B.M. researchers have successfully compressed and stored information in an array of 12 atoms, expanding the known possibilities of magnetic storage.

Innovation Has Direction's new short, animated film explores the direction of innovation and how to align business and environmental goals using the fewest possible resources. Watch.



AltBucky-Related Online Periodicals

Here are three new aggregated resources via Scoopit: Buckminster Fuller, Design Science & Transcalar Imaginary. Curated by David McConville.

AltDesign School for Innovation

The School of Visual Arts in New York has announced the opening of its newest MFA program: Design for Social Innovation. Learn more here.

AltMath House, NC

Here is a short film by Stew Cantrell about Bob Sebrosky, who has built a mathematical theme park on his property outside Charlotte, NC.



Book launch for 'West of Center'

Alexander Gray Associates hosted a presentation and book signing on Saturday, January 21st for "West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America."

GreenSpaceNYC: Pop-up Classes

GreenSpaceNYC, a green education initiative, has launched a series of free classes. The initial lecture was held earlier this month. More info on further classes here...

Coming Soon: Bucky and the Bay

Later this year, SFMOMA with host the exhibition "The Utopian Impulse: Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area," featuring Bucky's work as well as present-day work he inspired.


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