BFI Updates

AltIan Somerhalder Teams With Allan Savory

Actor Ian Somerhalder is directing a new documentary based on 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge winner Allan Savory. "Goal is to win Allan Savory a Nobel Prize..."

AltLive Q & A for Challenge Applicants

BFI will host free online question and answer sessions throughout September and October regarding the The Buckminster Fuller Challenge application. More info.

AltReal Time Dymaxion Mapping

Immersive Projection Designers, The Elumenati have produced real-time remappings of global animations into Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion projection.

AltBFI Seeking E-Donations

Because of an upsurge in volunteers at the Buckminster Fuller Institute, we are seeking help in the form of your underused electronics!


Trends and Perspectives

Buckyballs as DNA

Cornell University researchers have made DNA buckyballs that could be used for drug delivery and as containers for chemical reactions. Read on...

Suronen's Futuro Home

This highly mobile and material efficient artifact, now turning heads in Rotterdam, attests to Fuller's influence in design over the last century. Read more @ NY TImes.

ASM Dome's New Sheen

Rennovation at ASM International Headquarters in Ohio has brought fresh attention to Bucky's legacy and the work of TC Howard and Synergetics, Inc.



AltFirst Images of Expo '67 Dome

Domus has just resurrected these stunning photographs of the construction of the Expo '67 dome in Montreal.

AltFullerene Findings

Further developments on fullerene molecules in space could hold clues to development of life on earth.

Alt'Everything I Know' Series Stream

Network Awesome is streaming Bucky's marathon, 'Everything I Know' lecture in 1.5 hour portions each Wednesday for the next 7 months!



BFI @ Bioneers

BFI Executive Director, Elizabeth Thompson will host a panel discussion on the Buckminster Fuller Challenge at the 2011 Bioneers Conference on October 14th.

Synergetics Inspired Installation in Houston

The University of Texas' Biomedical Imaging Center is hosting an installation in honor of Bucky's tetrahedral geometry.

Maps That Stretch Minds Contest

ODT Maps have announced their media literacy contest, 'Maps that Stretch Minds'. It is an opportunity to get teachers and students thinking about the way we look at our world.


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