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AltBlue Ventures Wins!
Blue Ventures, an organization that protects marine environments while improving local standards of living in coastal communities, has won the 2011 Buckminster Fuller Challenge! Click for Press.

AltArchitecting the Future 2011
From June 8-10, Challenge Finalists, esteemed Jurors, our Board, and the greater BFI community converged in New York for Architecting the Future 2011, including keynotes by David Orr and John Thackara.

AltFly's Eye Restoration Complete!
World-class fabricators, Goetz Composites has completed a historic restoration of one of Buckminster Fuller’s most iconic structures, the 24 foot Fly’s Eye Dome.


Trends and Perspectives

Leonardo Thinks 1968 - 2011
In 'On the Verge of Avalanche,' Wasim Maziak argues for the importance of an institutionalized front of scientists and artists for world peace and sustainability.

Random Hacks of Kindness
RHoK is a community of innovation building, practical open technology to solve development problems from disaster risk management to climate change adaptation challenges.

dMass Wins Video Competition
dMass' piece “Design Matters: Doing Better with Less” has won StumbleUpon’s Get Discovered video contest! You can read more and link to the video from their latest newsletter.



AltPAGE 67
A new PAGE - the bulletin of the Computer Arts Society - contains the raw transcript of a previously unpublished interview with Bucky conducted by Gustav Metzger and Alan Sutcliffe, Oxford, March 1970.

Domekit is a collection of open-source, parametric software tools and flexible connector systems for creating geodesic structures of human-scale proportion. See these interesting new tools here.

AltSatellite Weather App
2011 Challenge Juror, Roger Malina has directed our attention to a new App that allows you to access data from scientific satellites to visualize mulitple domains of space weather in new real-time. Link from his blog.

Shoji Sadao: Best of Friends
Shoji Sadao, principal at Fuller and Sadao P.C. has published 'Best of Friends,' a new look the lives and achievements of Isamu Noguchi and Buckminster Fuller. It is available for sale at



Allan Savory on The Conversation
2010 Challege Winner Allan Savory and BFI Director Elizabeth Thompson will be appearing on The Conversation with Deepak Chopra this Thursday evening. Click to view invite.

Synergetics Collaborative Symposium
Registration is now open for the Third Biennial Design Science Symposium at RISD on the theme of "Nature, Geometry, and the Symmetry of Space", 11-13 November 2011, Providence, RI.

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