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AltThe 2011 Challenge Semi-Finalists are...

This year's incredible group of 20 semi-finalists will be announced in the coming week, stay posted!

AltIdeas Worth Spreading: Savory Institute

2010 Challenge Winner Allan Savory is one of 10 winners featured on TED's Ads Worth Spreading campaign. Watch the video here.

AltSolutions for Natural Disasters

Following the recent catastrophic events in Japan, we can look to the Idea Index for appropriate disaster relief solutions. Read more here.

AltEcological Tour of the Cosmos in L.A.

On March 1st, BFI sponsored a special event: an immersive journey across vast scales of time, space, and the systemic connections that create and sustain life. More here.


Trends and Perspectives

The Total Package

Grimshaw Industrial Design creates a seamless interface between the building and its users. Continue at

Bucky-ing the Trend

Check out the latest coverage, and sounds, of the NY-based jazz group The Dymaxion Quartet. Via NPR.

AquaPod Makes Waves in Government Circles & Ocean Gyres

Ocean Farm Technologies was one of 44 companies in the country to receive the prestigious Tibbetts Award. Continue here.



AltStimulate The Local Economy and Your Wallet By Getting Rid of Your Car

A fascinating graphic from the National Building Museum's Intelligent Cities project. Via

AltThe Green Awards

One week left to vote and help decide which community based projects and sustainable ideas should receive $25,000. See more here.

AltGeodesic Help Group

Looking for some help and resources with 3D computer modeling of geodesic structures? Check out the Google group here.



Spaceship Earth exhibit in Torun

The more advanced science gets, the closer it is to art; the more advanced art gets, the closer it is to science. - Bucky Fuller.
Now showing through May 22, 2011.


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