BFI Updates

AltOperation Hope Wins 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge!

A solution combating one of the major causes of climate change has been named the winner of the 2010 Challenge. Continue here.

Alt2010 Challenge Convergence Hits D.C.

BFI hosts two incredible days of programming around the 2010 Challenge. See video, pictures and much more here.

AltSavory Institute to Support Challenge

Shannon Horst, founder and CEO of the Savory Institute, co-recipient of the 2010 Challenge award, pledges to give back to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Continue.

AltR. Buckminster Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of The Universe Opens!

Now playing at Arena Stage in Crystal City. Info here. Review here.

AltChallenge Draws Wide Media Coverage

Notable stories include: NYTimes, Seed Magazine (by Juror John Thackara), Inhabitat, US Politics Today, and a June 26th interview w/ Deepak Chopra. Continue here.


Trends and Perspectives

Can Painting a Mountain Restore a Glacier?

It is the first experimental step in an innovative plan to recuperate Peru's disappearing Andean glaciers.BBC

Mr. Segway's Difficult Path

Dean Kamen is best known as the inventor of the Segway scooter. His career illustrates the difficulty of turning innovative ideas into reality. The Economist.

Energy Generating Soccer Ball

A group of enterprising women entrepreneurs has unveiled a soccer ball that captures and stores energy generated by play.



An online video network and community focused on the exploration of the nature and culture of technology.

The BetaCup Challenge

Mission: Find the best ideas to eliminate paper cup consumption and help bring these ideas to life.



Alt2012: Time For Change July 8th, NYC

Advance screening followed by panel discussion with: Sting, Paul Stamets, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Ganga White, Daniel Pinchbeck and director Joao Amorim. Tickets here.

AltBucky Art in Crystal City

A temporary, outdoor art exhibit that pays homage to Fuller and the Geodesic dome. On display now! Info here.


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