BFI Updates

Alt2011 Challenge Entries Under Review

Entries from 34 different countries are currently being reviewed by the Challenge review team. Thanks to all that entered - stay posted.

AltBuckyGives Campaign a Success!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Buckyballs fundraiser during the past month, your efforts helped us raise over $15,000 to support the Buckminster Fuller Challenge!


Trends and Perspectives

Infrastructural Ecologies: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works

2010 BFC Juror Hillary Brown lays out the future of multi-purpose, low-carbon, resilient infrastructure designs. Via

Greener Way to Make Carbon Nanotubes

MIT researchers reported that they have devised a method that reduces the harmful by-products of carbon nantube production by a factor of 100.

The (Limited) Power of Good Intentions

Socially responsible design is a whole lot harder than it looks. Continue at



AltStory of Electronics

The latest film in the Story of Stuff series takes on the electronics industry’s “design for the dump” mentality and champions product take back. Watch here.

AltSiemens We Can Change the World Challenge

Empowers students in every grade level to develop and share environmental solutions that just may change the world. Details here.


Renowned artist Vik Muniz uses his artwork to transform the lives of workers at the worlds largest landfill in Rio de Janiero. Find select screenings.



Trimtabbing Workshop with Jaime Snyder

Saturday Nov. 20th
Louden Nelson Center - Santa Cruz, CA
More info here.

ECOKIDS @ ExitArt until Nov 24th

An exhibition that showcases the work of outstanding youth activists who are working to raise awareness and solve environmental issues. More info here.


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