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AltBuy Buckyballs ans Support BFI!

For the next three Mondays, 100% profits from Buckyballs online sales are being donated directly to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Learn more now!.

Alt2011 Challenge Deadline Has Ended

Thanks to all that submitted applications, the review team has just begun evaluating this incredible pool of talent. Stay posted.

AltArchitecting the Future @ Bioneers

A day long seminar that brought together a fantastic cast of leading whole-systems thinkers and distinguished Challenge entrants. See video and photos here

AltTEDx Brooklyn - Nov 13th

BFI is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of TEDxBrooklyn, highlighting the innovative social, technological and artistic work in the borough of Brooklyn. More info here.


Trends and Perspectives

Dymaxion Car #4!

Lord Norman Foster leads the re-creation of Bucky's famous Dymaxion Car, enough said! See more at the Guardian.

Solar Panels Return to the White House

President Obama will have solar panels put back on the roof of the White House to show that renewable-energy technology is practical for U.S. homeowners. BusinessWeek.

Tightening Rules for ‘Green’ Labeling

Manufacturers of products that claim to be environmentally friendly will face tighter rules on how they are advertised to consumers. Continue at NYTimes.

Building Science Leaders

Pop!Tech launches an initiative to cultivate a new class of science leaders to reach out and lead society towards evidence-based solutions. Via Seed Magazine.



AltA Necessary Ruin: The Story of Buckminster Fuller & the Union Tank Car Dome

An exceptional documentary about architectural achievement and destruction - now available online.

AltThe Dymaxion Quartet

Looking to make music out of Bucky’s ideas, this NY based group creates approachable art music with singable melodies, agreeable grooves, and songs with both style and story.

Norman Foster on Charlie Rose

Architect Norman Foster discusses his life, work and the documentary 'How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?' Watch here.



THE GLOBAL SUMMIT II: Humanity Uniting for a Sustainable Future

NOV. 8-10, 2010
San Francisco, CA
More info here.


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